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This is a list of tid-bits that I find useful in aiding the Domestic Witch in creating a comfortably witchy home:

1. Spray a bit of perfume, drops of essential oils, or room spray on light bulbs to make a room smell fresh and add a magickal aura according to the sent you’ve chosen. Make sure you do this while the light is off otherwise the light bulb will likely explode.
2. Keeping an acorn at your window will keep lightning from striking.
3. Keep a Kitchen Witch (Cottage Witch) doll in your kitchen to bring good luck and to keep away any ill meaning spirits.
4. Spilling water on your tablecloth means a storm is coming. The same is true of a coffee pot that keeps boiling over.
5.Burn a candle on your stove to symbolize the hearth fire of the past. This honors your patron kitchen Goddess and fills your home with love. Candles have a longer burning life if you place them in the freezer for a few hours before lighting them.
6. To keep an unwanted visitor from returning sweep whatever room or rooms they were in as soon as they leave your home.
7. Never sweep your kitchen after the sun goes down.
8. Two yolks in an egg foretell a marriage.
9. Cakes should be baked while the sun is rising.
10. Never turn a loaf of bread upside down after it has been cut.
11. It’s good luck to receive a loaf of bread as a house-warming present.
12. To throw away bread is to throw away any potential luck and prosperity that would come to your home, instead make breadcrumbs or feed it to the birds.
13. If a ring of rice forms around the edge of a pot it means money is coming.
14. Wine leftover from ritual…freeze it in ice cube trays then add a cube or two to gravies, sauces, and casseroles as needed.
15. To make your food taste better keep a quartz crystal on or near your stove.
16. When given a plant as a gift you should not say thank you or the plant will die.
17. Those looking for love should place a pot of basil on their windowsill.
18. Rosemary can be placed under pillows to ward of evil spirits.
19. In ancient times it was believed that in gardens “where rosemary flourished, the woman ruled.”
20. Lavender can be placed under the mattress to bring passion to the marital bed or hung on a bedpost for protection.
21. Growing ivy in your home guards against disaster.
22. Grow a spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) in a space you want to purify.

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