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The best way to stop thinking is to let it happen!

The more you concentrate on not thinking, the

faster your thoughts are racing.  Thinking is not

really the problem, it is where your thoughts are

directed that creates the problems.

Focus on whatever it is that you are doing,

give it all your attention,

and your thoughts will automatically slow down.

Most people do the very opposite.

They think about anything and

everything that has nothing to do with what

they are doing. The result is often mishaps

and so-called accidents.

Thought is creative, so be very careful about

what you are creating. It is intelligent creation

to consciously . . . choose Love! 

Freedom is not found by changing yourself into someone you think you should have been. Freedom is simply ‘Falling in love with Self.’

So many spiritual seekers want to change them-

selves into being someone they think is better.  

To be better is based in self-judgement, and there

is no freedom to be found in this.

The exultation of inner freedom is found when

the seeking ends; when we accept who we are,

the way we are, without any need to judge.  

God does not judge us.  We do that.  We excel in  

adverse judgement, self-blame, and self-criticism.

If you are attempting any changes based in one,  

or all of these, forget it.

All you have to do is accept who you are, and fall

in Love with yourself.  A ‘falling in Love’ that is both

timeless and endless.

You can achieve this by . . . choosing Love!  

Living ‘now’ is the meeting place of ‘being and doing.’

Now . . . the worlds most exclusive club for

humans!  Nature lives eternally in the now,

we are but rare and fleeting visitors.

Living in the moment while doing our work, or

playing, or gardening, or whatever, is where the

magical alchemy of ‘doing and being’ come

together . . . being with while doing to.

This is the place of miracles.  This is the place

where we transcend sameness for the joy

of newness.  This is the place where Nature

unfolds its mysteries, where Nature holds its

audience with humanity.  That is, if anyone is

ever in the ‘now’ . . . listening.

Now . . . the place of . . . choosing Love!

It takes time to experience timelessness!

Quite a paradox.  The experience of timelessness

does not just happen - and yet it does.  There are

so many paradoxes involved here that I am wading

through a minefield of them.

As metaphysical Beings we live in a timeless reality,

but our physical experience is of linear time.  It takes

time and practice to let our senses move beyond the

confines and restrictions of the physical,

to embrace the greater, metaphysical, timeless reality.

I do recommend the effort.  While the sceptics and

cynics make their judgements of life, you well may

experience a reality they have not yet dreamed of.  

Timelessness is . . . consciously choosing Love! 

Spirit is the Intelligence of consciousness.

Soul is the vehicle of consciousness.

Body is the vehicle of soul and the physical expression of spirit.

People often ask me to clarify spirit and soul,

not sure which relates to what.  It is also an

area of considerable disagreement.

Basically, everything that has body or form is

expressing spirit, including a tree, or a rock.

Soul carries and expresses consciousness of

a more individualistic nature, as in the higher

animals, and humanity.  Herd animals have a

group soul, clearly seen in the synergistic

movement of a shoal of fish, or a flock of birds.

In all the forms and expressions of life on Earth,

in all the vast diversity of Nature, intelligence is

expressing consciousness; consciousness is

expressing intelligence.

It is rather like an orchestra and choir joined in a

single union of . . . expressing Love! 


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