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The Answers Are All In The Ocean Of Love In Your Heart...And...A Secret for Uplifting Your Consciousness By Shanta Gabriel...And..A Gift of Frequency – Clearing Limiting Beliefs By Melanie Beckler

The Answers Are All In The Ocean Of Love In Your Heart By Ann Albers

Allow an Ocean of Love to Carry You

Message from the Angels....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is within each one of you a vast reservoir of love. There is, within your grasp, a profound universe of wisdom. You have the answers, the resources, the strength, and the courage to overcome any obstacle in your path. You have within you the wisdom to discover the answer to any question. You have the love to light a path so brightly in front of you that you could never falter.

You have nothing less than the power that creates universes, working through you, for you, and from you to sustain and support each and every one of your dreams.

Close your eyes for a moment and breathe. Imagine that you are a wave upon the ocean. A deep presence rises up within you, shapes you, and moves you forward. You are never separate. The water is dynamic and moving within you. It is never the same. With each swell and trough you are created anew. The more you surrender to the power of the ocean within, the more you are moved effortlessly towards your destination.

With each inhale feel a wave of love rising up within you. With each relaxed exhale feel yourself sinking back into an ocean of love. Breathe in. Feel Love rising up within you and moving you. Breathe out. Relax back into the ocean of love.

Dear ones, when you have a challenge in your life or something you wish to create, breathe and feel the Presence of the Divine rising up within you. Breathe out and imagine relaxing back into the ocean of love.

Breathe for a few minutes in this fashion, and then ask, "What is my next step?" If nothing comes to mind, rest. There is nothing to do now, but relax, enjoy your life, and trust. If something comes to mind, no matter how small, trust, and take this next step. Just as the ocean moves a wave, the Divine moves you.

You are the ones who, through your dreams and desires, choose the destination. You either allow yourself to be moved towards these dreams, or try to create the movement all by yourselves. You can allow the ocean of love to carry and guide you, or you can attempt to solve your challenges all by yourself. Relax dear friends. Breathe. Allow yourself to be supported, loved, carried, and guided. Your life will become so much easier when you do.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message From Ann.....

Hi Everyone,

I used to be insanely analytical. I had to be. I graduated with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame, and worked in avionics. One of my first jobs was writing software that determined which sensors the airplane would use to determine airspeed, navigation signals etc. This involved analyzing the many switches in the cockpit, looking at which sensors were working and active, then figuring out how to feed the navigation computer the most accurate data from the chosen sensors.

My male co-workers humorously called me “the switch bitch” because I was one of the few people who understood the complex algorithms involved in data selection. I began to feel as if my brain was a computer!

It didn't get much easier when I was promoted to "integration manager" where my job was to coordinate the work of over 100 engineers designing cockpit display software on the Boeing 777 airplane. My brain was always on overdrive, always planning ahead, always figuring out the day's challenges and trying to anticipate what must be done.

Imagine quitting all that to be a psychic and learning to trust the universe! I didn't surrender very easily! I identified with my mind. I felt important because I was "smart." I had not yet become wise...

It took years for me to surrender more fully to the greater intelligence in the universe. I was afraid that if I surrendered I wouldn't get my way. I was afraid I'd have to leave my desires behind and surrender to the will of a God outside of myself. At the time I didn't understand that the Divine lives within each of us and that we use our free will to select how we wish to express that love in our lives. It is our desires that give direction to the power that moves us.

So now when I have a challenge or a dream, I sit, breathe, and ask, "What next? It has become second nature. In fact, I've done a lot of sitting and breathing these past few months! I've allowed the Creator to move me through all sorts of challenges, step by step by step.

When I found out how much it would cost to hire someone to optimize my website I sat back, breathed, and within a few days discovered a wonderful, affordable online course. When the yard flooded I sat and breathed and was guided to a sweet little pump and some great repair folks. When, after years I got serious about converting my books to Kindle, I was guided to a great service that I'm now working with.

When I slipped and landed on my tailbone a rock and couldn't move, I was guided to breathe and allow the powers in the universe to flow through and heal me, so I could hike two miles back to my car. Subsequently I was guided to one of my favorite healers who helped me really reap the rewards of the shock to my system, as old crystallized energies were broken apart and moved on through.

I usually queue my newsletters a week or two in advance, but this week was too busy to get ahead, so I was breathing late Friday night asking for a newsletter when this one arrived!

The brain has a glorious place in your life, but it is a tool meant to serve you. When your thoughts reflect your desires and dreams, they are useful. When they spin in circles and drive you crazy, that is the time to reconnect with the ocean of love that lives within and allow it to move you forward in your life.

Here are few easy ways to connect with the ocean of love and wisdom that live within...

1. Do the angels' easy breathing meditation...

Breathe in. Imagine a wave of love rising up within you. Exhale. Imagine relaxing back into an ocean of love. Breathe in. Feel the love rising up within. Exhale. Relax back into an ocean of love. Do this a few minutes. Then ask, "What is my next step?"

Trust what you feel, hear, see, or know. No answer means relax and wait for further instructions.

2. Focus on a loving distraction

If you find yourself over-analyzing or obsessing on a problem or challenge, take a breather. Distract yourself. Focus on anything else that feels like love. "Any love connects you to all love," the angels like to say.

They have, on occasion sent me for coffee or a pedicure to get me out of my mind, and refocus me on a more loving, relaxed vibration. In that space guidance comes easily.

For example, I felt blocked in channeling this week's newsletter so I sat breathed and realized I wanted to watch an episode of "Treehouse Masters" before getting back to work. Of course, after that, the angel message flowed easily!

3. If you absolutely can't quiet your mind, play with it...

When your mind is spinning in circles, have a little fun with it. Allow yourself to dream up and list every possible outcome, solution, or way to handle your challenge, ranging from the practical to the absurd.

Something in doing this exercise makes you realize that the universe has an infinite number of ways it can solve your problem and that you know only a fraction of them. Once the mind has been allowed to have its say, it will calm down.

For example, in my younger days I was obsessed with a relationship and desperately trying to figure out if I should "get into it," "how it would go," etc. The angels knew I'd mess it up if I weren't in the present so they got me out of my mental "death grip" by listing a variety of possibilities – some wildly absurd...

Lets see Ann, "You could become lovers. You could be friends. You could have an argument and end up hating each other. You could go for a hike and get eaten by bears..." They went on and on, until I realized my mind had completely gone crazy. I let go of my "need to know" and dropped back into enjoying the present moment! We became the dearest of friends.

Say you're obsessing over how to pay a bill. Get creative and write down as many possible solutions as you can think of, no matter how crazy...

- someone could gift me
- I could find money
- the bill could be forgiven
- I could help a kind stranger who insists on giving me money
- a fairie godmother could appear and give me money for my bill
- I could discover a hidden talent and become wildly rich
- I could win the lottery
- I could talk to the lender and they could grant me an amazing payment plan
- I could jump into a different parallel reality where I have no debt
- I could throw caution to the wind, not pay the bill and see what happens
- I could find ways to market my gifts
- I could suddenly be guided to a better job that helps
- I could dream of a solution while I'm sleeping
- The bank could make an error and put money in my account
- I'll draw stick figure cats for people and make $10 per drawing and go viral

By the way that last one is real - this guy made a fortune on it and then became a public speaker! If the universe gave you that idea... would you do it? Maybe not, but perhaps you'll have your own crazy solutions!

We have so much help. So many of us have been trained to figure everything out on our own, or ask everyone else we know, but there's an easier way to solve everything and that is to get into a space where the universe can give us the best, most amazing, easy, and fun guidance possible

Have fun playing with these ideas this week. An ocean of love is carrying and guiding us all. Breathe... sink into it and relax.

Love you all!

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Secret for Uplifting Your Consciousness

By Shanta Gabriel

Anxiety and Fear is Excess Energy

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel packs a powerful message about the concept of grounding, and how to use it to change & uplift your consciousness.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


Ground any excess energy such as fear, anxiety or anger into the Earth, then bring an open heart into the present moment.


Until late 1988 I was not even aware of the concept of grounding. If anyone had brought it to my attention, I would have asked, "Why?" My life was focused in the upper realms of the Divine, and the Earth held very little interest. That is until something bothered me, and then my emotions would engage and I would be very upset at the way my life on Earth was appearing in that moment.

When my mentor suggested the need to ground my thoughts and emotional states, it became clear that I really never felt safe to be in my body. This was a revelation of sorts. I had never felt "at home" on the planet. Like the story of the Mistaken Zygote in Women Who Run with the Wolves, I was sure there had been some mistake and I had landed here by accident. At the very least, I did not believe that my Soul had planned that this Earth, with all its darkness and challenges, was the one I volunteered to incarnate into.

Still, I paid attention to the advice I was given and began to do Safety Affirmations. It's safe to be on the planet. It's safe to be who I truly am. It's safe to live in my Truth. Those helped tremendously, but it was not until I started to incorporate the grounding process into my daily spiritual practice, that life began to change more dramatically.

I found that the process of grounding the excess energy I was experiencing brought me immediate relief from the anxiety-producing sensation of having my finger in an electrical socket. I also noticed that I could feel nurturing energy running up my legs from the Earth, and the base of my spine felt more free and open. The most surprising thing I discovered was that the more I embodied my spiritual life in my physical body, the happier I became.

Two side benefits also occurred that I was not expecting. One is that my body has a natural wisdom that can really assist my process in the world and alert me when I need to pay attention. For most people that will seem obvious, but for many energetically-sensitive souls, it has been too painful to fully inhabit our physical bodies. This left my personality and small physical being to take care of the task of life, which she was woefully unprepared to do.

The second thing that helped me love this process was learning that when I am grounded in my body, my heart immediately feels more open and I am more at peace inside.

There are some that say we should not ground our negative energy into the Earth, that she has enough problems already. My experience, however, is that the Mother of the Earth does not judge our energy as negative or positive. It is just "energy," and as such has great value. When we confer energy onto the planet, we are blessing her. This is especially true if it is our intention.

In 1990 Archangel Gabriel gave me an alignment exercise for bringing Divine Light through every chakra to ground in the earth. For many years I have used this Golden Pillar of Light, from my connection to Source energy above the head flowing down below the feet, in a powerfully whole visualization that demonstrates our attributes as a blended being bridging Heaven and Earth.

Once we have an intention to ground any excess energy we are experiencing, something as simple as slowing down our breath and placing our hands on our heart will bring us back into our body awareness, where we can be more resourceful in dealing with life.

Grounding allows us to integrate the new frequencies and learn powerful ways to stay connected to Source energy in every area of our lives. The intensity of the Light frequencies we are all experiencing, as well as all that is transpiring on Earth, is having an impact on our nervous systems. We need to be able to detach from the high level of emotional upheaval that is all around us and be more present in our bodies in order to feel more peaceful.

We are here to spiritualize our lives so there is no separation between our heart and mind. This allows us to bring spirituality more profoundly into our work and into our relationships. When you ground any excess energy that is causing you to feel anxious or over-emotional, you can come back very quickly into your heart. The resourcefulness that you create will be able to establish a deeper place of Peace and Harmony within you that is incredibly practical.

Most of the people reading this information have chosen to be in this life to bring a deeper connection to the realms of divinity and blend those aspects of Self into the fullness of their humanity. With every choice we make to bring Spirit into matter and be present with the wisdom of the Earth, we are affecting the world around us in beautiful ways. Each person grounding their deeply spiritual intention for life affects hundreds of thousands of people.

Finally I have realized that it is to introduce ways of living in the Spirit while being in a physical body that I believe my Soul planned for me to do here on Earth. We are all recognizing that our hearts hold the key connection to being able to create the world we want to live in, have Beauty and Well-being active within and around us, and to be deeply fulfilled and happy.

When we are fully grounding our spiritual connection into our physical bodies, we become a powerful force for Love on the planet. From that place, miracles occur naturally.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for blessing me with a physical body in order to fulfill my soul’s purpose. With every breath I take, may I bring more of my divinity into my human form to anchor Heaven on the Earth for all beings.

With every step I take, may I bring more nourishment into my physical body so I may be a blended human and radiate Well-being through me into the world. May all find resonance with their most Divine Selves and ground that aspect into the Earth for the awakening of all humanity. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

The Gabriel Messages Book ~ #26


Ground any excess energy such as fear, anxiety or anger
into the Earth, then bring an open heart into the present situation.

Archangel Gabriel.....

Dear One,

Grounding excess energy means being aware that any time you are feeling anxious, angry, fearful or over-excited, you are experiencing excess energy in your body, which can be consciously redirected. This energy is very potent and can be used in a constructive way.

A metaphor might be useful. In electrical terms, it is necessary to have something called the "ground." For instance, in a house there is a grounding wire which connects to the earth so electricity flows in the proper circuits. It is similar with your body. You are receiving energy from the Divine Source at all times. There are perfect channels in your body for the energy to flow through. If you are not grounded, that is, if you are so caught up in your mental activity that you are not consciously aware of your connection to the earth, this energy can flow into channels that may feel uncomfortable. It can then circulate through your nervous system, over-stimulating your mind and causing anxiety and other mental imbalances. When you notice yourself feeling upset and anxious, it is very helpful to remember that you have feet as well as a head.


Your feet are in touch with the earth, a place of bountiful supply and nourishing energy. When you are aware of the earth's presence, you feel supported and nurtured. You can visualize energy leaving your feet or from the base of your spine like moving beams of light into the earth. This will allow the excess electrical energy in your mind to dissipate.

It is also important to calm your emotional body. Just as the mental body is electric, the emotional body is magnetic. This means that your emotions have the power to attract to you what you are experiencing through the Law of Attraction. Many times what you attract is the opposite of what you think you want to have in your life. It is important to ground these excess emotions as well. On the electrical beam that grounds into the earth, you can wind a coil for the magnetic energy of your emotions. With your intention, you can send these excess emotions into the earth.

If you have trees, mountains or bodies of water near you, it can be useful to see these as places to ground excess energy. You can visualize light beams radiating from your feet, powerful light cords from the base of your spine, or pillars of light from heaven to earth; whatever image suits you. This is a very simple but powerful tool for you to use.

As you become more aware of this grounding process, you will begin to be more present in the moment. Being present means bringing an open heart to wherever you are and whatever situation is challenging you at the time. When your heart is open, you are able to make decisions from a place of love and not fear. As more people do this, the consciousness of the whole planet is raised. As more minds are consciously connected to the One Mind, all are blessed and can live more freely in love and peace.

You can be a part of this peace-filled evolution with the choices you make every day. Choose to live in love, not fear. Notice when you are running anxiety or anger through your body and are feeling "over-amped." Take the time to send this excess energy into the earth with a prayer, asking to experience only love. Know that all on earth are blessed when one person chooses to open his or her heart in love to another. Know the earth is blessed when you give energy to her, so in turn, all will be blessed as this great planet gives back in sustenance and life.

In these simple ways you can bring peace to the world when you...

Ground any excess energy such as fear, anxiety or anger into the earth, then bring an open heart into the present situation.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
August 19, 2018

A Gift of Frequency – Clearing Limiting Beliefs By Melanie Beckler


A belief is something you simply accept to be true...

Regardless of the evidence, and sometimes without even realizing you believe it. 

Naturally, you have layers upon layers of beliefs that color your perspective and determine how you view yourself and the world. 

But the question remains: 

"Do your beliefs about yourself and what is possible for your life truly serve you in embodying your highest authenticity and most radiant light?

I'm excited to share a free channeling with Archangel Metatronwith you today... 

As Metatron's shares: 

"For many of you, beliefs centered in lack, limitation, or negativity, have greatly distorted your perception as to what is truly possible for you in your life..." 

The good news is, he also guides you through a simple process of clearing limiting beliefs and raising your vibration to deeply attune to the incredible frequency of love now!

Archangel Metatron .....

Greetings from Archangel Metatron. As always, it is an honor to be among you and to connect with you now. I greet you with the gift of frequency, which as you breathe in deeply, and allow your consciousness to drop from your mind and into your heart you are able to feel, sense and perceive.

Open your heart, and now above your head… Notice a pyramid of white light. This is my energy reaching out to connect with you now.

Allow this light to enter in through your crown chakra. Your crown chakra is one of your channeling chakras and directly links you to the Infinite and to the Divine. As you allow this connection, feel your energy rise.

Through this connection with the light, allow all negativity you have absorbed throughout your day and throughout your week to be simply dissolved.

For the light you are surrounded in now cannot exist in the same space as negativity. So we release negativity into the light.

And feel yourself lift now.

What do you feel like? Feel into your body, and around your body noticing you feel lighter. Centered. Calm. Remember to breathe now as you continue to receive light, and increase your vibration.

Know that you are moving in the direction of embodying an elevated vibrational state of love. You are able to experience this love vibration always.

So too know that you are not limited in any way. Any limitations which you have put on yourself, are simply that. They are your limiting beliefs and filters on your perception.

So I urge you now to review your life in a gentle, loving way. Review the beliefs that are ingrained in your psyche, that are ingrained in your subconscious … The default beliefs that you do not even think about, but embrace unknowingly and possibly unwillingly.

These are traits and characteristics which others believe you to have from your childhood. And that has been affirmed to you… that you lose your temper easily, or that you are shy, stubborn, or quick to judge.

Whatever comes into your awareness surrounding this… About your temperament, personal drawbacks, or flaws…

This is not who you really are.

Let yourself take into account these beliefs and allow yourself now to simply observe them.

And ask yourself: “Do the beliefs I am holding on to truly serve me in embodying my highest authenticity and most radiant light?

Get a Free "Gift of Frequency" Angel Meditation with Archangel Metatron here! Clear limiting beliefs and raise your vibration to deeply attune to love now.

You will find that for a large extent of what you believe about yourself, the answer is no. Becoming aware now that so too, emotions you are holding onto… Like guilt, grief, frustration, and self-judgment. These do not serve you… And also, you are not required to carry them.

Feel into whatever emotion is clouding the full extent of your light. Feel into it… And now as you exhale, simply let it go.

And now, allow yourself focus in on a limiting belief… Let it come into your awareness. Something that you have incorporated in your life and that you believe to be true at this moment, but that is limiting, disempowering, or that is simply untrue.

This can be anything. It can be that you are lacking abundance, that money is hard to come by, that you’re unhappy, sad, or that you are cut off from receiving direct guidance from Spirit.

What comes up for you?

Where are you limiting your highest potential with a deeply held belief that is simply not true?

Feel into this belief. Focus on one, and it does not matter what.

Allow the belief to be here with you now. Look at it objectively. Look at it from the place of the observer. Remove yourself one level from the belief. You are not the belief. It is simply something that you have incorporated, for you felt it served you well.

But now that you look at this belief… and feel its energetic signature.

How does it make you feel?

For many of you, beliefs centered in lack, limitation, or negativity have greatly distorted your perception as to what is truly possible in your life.

Feel the limiting belief we are working with now. Notice that energetically, it feels heavy. It is weighing you down…

So let us together practice releasing.

Focused on this belief here now… This belief that has been ingrained in your consciousness and in your life.

Could you let it go?… Would you free yourself from its grip of illusion?…

Will you release it?

When will you finally let go of it?…




Let it go…

And when you do… You create an opening… For greater love, higher light, and deeper harmony to flow in…

To lift your vibration… To align you with love… To restore your direct and beautiful Divine connection.

So you can allow the blessings of the infinite in…

You are supported in releasing all beliefs that no longer serve you. All beliefs that keep you from your unlimited nature and this is your truth.

And so together, we released one now, but know there are many.

Many that have been repressed, that you may not even know you have, but that are causing you to create events, people, circumstances, feelings in your day to day life that are not in line with what you really want, with what you really came here to do, and with what your soul, your higher self, your divine being that sits among angels and guides now… chooses and wants.

So know that you are supported in removing your limited belief system and patterns. And know that this is not necessarily an easy process, it takes radical awareness, acceptance, and a willingness to change. But committing to it now will change your life. And this is good.

For each one of you has areas in which you can experience more joy, more abundance, and more love. You are fully capable of staying in these heightened vibrations, these euphoric feelings always, by simply replacing the beliefs that are limiting with beliefs of abundance and love and joy.

So how do you do this?

We went over releasing. But now I will talk briefly about identifying beliefs that do not serve you. This is easy to do. It just takes being an active observer of your own life. Observe how you respond to situations and people.

If an experience is challenging for you, if you find yourself getting frustrated, getting angry, upset, or sad by any situation, this is a trigger for you. One, that is revealing where your current thoughts are not in line with what you really want, and two, that there is a belief system around this that is no longer serving you.

So when you find yourself feeling frustration, anger, sadness, or discontent… Do not be afraid of it. Do not push it away or try to pretend that it is not there. Rather, look at it. Observe it. And learn from it.

There are huge lessons for you in all of these emotions.

In the doubt that comes up, there is a huge message. It may be that you have a belief that you are not good enough, and it is obvious that this is a belief that does not serve you…

So actively observe your reality, your life, and know that doing this has so many benefits.

For it also is going to assist you in disassociating from the negative and downer voice that is your ego. When the voice of negativity, your ego chimes in, take this same role as observer.

Step back. Step in, meaning drop your consciousness from your mind into your heart and observe.

Observe what your ego says, whether it is; “you're lousy, or you'll never get what you want. Or you're not good enough” Observe it. And then think to yourself, wow, that is my ego. But that is not me.

Then drop deeper into your heart. Inward focus.

This is your assignment for the week. Did you know there would be an assignment? Take time each day to turn off your mind, drop into your heart, and experience the stillness that is around you…..

Experience the void. Quiet. For within this quiet, you are able to connect with your true self.

Your true self is so beautiful and so pure. And has an important mission on Earth at this time. That's why you are here, that's why you are really here.

You would not be here if you did not decide that you were ready and willing to serve. And what is this service? Well it is many different things. But it is centered around choosing love, and waking up.

Shifting from experiencing illusions fully, from experiencing fear and emotions that are not enjoyable. And shifting to Heaven, bliss, enlightenment… stillness.

You are ready to make this shift. You were quite literally born to make this shift.

So as you take time each day to be quiet, to be still, and be calm, and to look within, your energy grows.

Your frequency expands.

You reconnect with your truth, with the truth of who you are. And with your true purpose in being here at this time.

Know that you do live in a very exciting time. A time of ascension, and of global change. Change that is so big that it not only affects your entire race, your entire planet, and every creature and being on the planet, but it is also impacting the entire universe.

The service that you provide during this shift is no small deed. But you are well equipped, and stepping into this flow of creation in the highest interest of all, well… It is a profound layer and reason for why you are here.

So let yourself remain focused on how may I serve, not how may I getm or even what might I create, or anything like that.

How may I best serve?

And we tell you now, the answer to this, the answer to how may you serve, is look within and choose love.

Love for yourself, love for others, and love for your planet. As you do this, everything changes. As you love, your next steps begin to clearly appear.

You are in a place now of increased vibration. You have been listening to a message yes, but more than that, you have been bathed in and surrounded in light frequency….

Know that now is a time of new beginnings. Remain focused on how you may provide service for others in a way that you will love, and trust that in this, the Universe will love and support you in all areas.

Keep looking within for the voice and guidance of love… For from within you will receive profound guidance through your external world.

And now, at this time we invite you to return your awareness once again into your physical body. Allow your energy to return to your body. Your focus to return to the present. You may want to move, stretch, wriggle your fingers or your toes, and allow yourself to return fully into your body, in this moment now.

Know that you have been energetically lifted, and with light your energy and your beliefs have been cleansed.

You are supported in creating Divinely guided and inspired new beginnings in your life, in harmony and deep resonance with the highest levels of love.

Know that you may call upon me to assist you in any area. I am Archangel Metatron humbly at your service.

~Archangel Metatron

Video: "Gift Of Frequency With Archangel Metatron" By Melanie Beckler

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