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The Purpose of Your Divine Innocence Now By Natalie Glasson ... And ... A Vision for Love Overflowing ...I Heart❤️??James Peterson

The Purpose of Your Divine Innocence Now By Natalie Glasson And The Celestial Dolphin ConsciousnessThe Purpose of Your Divine Innocence Now by Celestial Dolphin Consciousness

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  23rd June 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Celestial Dolphin Consciousness, greet you with joy, laughter and elation as we send our energy forth to commune and connect with your being. We are channeling the innocence of the Creator through our souls to connect with the innocence of the Creator within your own being. Let our celestial vibrations penetrate your being deeply, connecting into the truth of all you are, to bring this to the surface for you to view and acknowledge.

Exploring Your Divine Innocence

We, the Celestial Dolphins, encourage you to contemplate and ask your soul the below questions:

Sit in meditation connecting into your own inner sanctuary and chambers of light. Simply ask to connect with the energy, vibration, frequency and presence of Divine Innocence.

What does Divine Innocence mean to me?

How does it manifest within my being energetically?

What is the purpose of Divine Innocence?

If I acknowledged Divine Innocence within my being and express it fully, how would it manifest in my physical being and reality?

How can I acknowledge, appreciate and connect with the Divine Innocence within all beings?

Connecting with Your Divine Innocence

We, the Celestial Dolphin Consciousness wish to encourage you to explore the Divine Innocence energy within your being and others because in doing so you will awaken the presence of the Creator, your inner power, and experience a greater expansion throughout your entire being. We, represent the Divine Innocence of the Creator to you now in this moment. As you connect with our energies, you are viewing your own inner Divine Innocence.

Celestial Dolphins, I call you forth to be as one with me. As you reveal to me the presence, magic and blissful nature of Divine Innocence, so I recognise the same within my own being. I am ready to honour and respect Divine Innocence within my being. I give my power to Divine Innocence within me and invite Divine Innocence to become my strength and a sacred guiding force in my life. I know that in order to truly connect with my Divine Innocence, there is a need for me to heal and let go of pain, suffering and old wounds that I may still be holding onto. I am ready to cleanse my being beautifully and perfectly, accepting the presence of my Divine Innocence in my life now.

Thank you.’

We, the Celestial Dolphins will merge our energy as one with you. You may feel your energy and vibration ascending, becoming quicker and your being feeling lighter as we work with you.

What is Divine Innocence?

Divine Innocence is often recognised as a purity that is beyond description. A purity that feels sacred, holy and special, as well as joyful, blissful and enlightening. Divine Innocence emanates truth, a truth that seems beyond understanding and yet can be fully understood through feelings and emotions. It is an energy that touches you or another so deeply that it creates a stir which allows blockages and distractions to be released, permitting you to be in the present fully with all that is the Creator, a blissful experience.

Humanity often sees innocence as a weakness. If you are innocent you may be perceived as lacking in knowledge, powerless, that you need to be taken care of, require guidance or have yet to experience life. This understanding of innocence does not describe Divine Innocence, for Divine Innocence is the complete opposite. When you are connected to your Divine Innocence you are in harmony with your essence, you are in your power, with an understanding of all that is the Creator.

In which parts of your life are you neglecting to activate and awaken your Divine Innocence?

In which parts of your life are you seeing the world as if through the eyes and heart of the Creator?

It is time to understand and experience what it is like for you to live fully connected to, supported and guided by your inner Divine Innocence.

Why is Divine Innocence Important Now for Humanity and Ascension?

When you are connected to, aware of and naturally emanating Divine Innocence, you are existing in the present moment with yourself, the Divine Plan, and All That Is the Creator. This is the key factor of Divine Innocence.

It means that you are limitless, constantly healing and rejuvenating your entire being, reacting from a space of peace and love within you as well as constantly in a space of being able to communicate with the Creator. You are in ACCEPTANCE of yourself, and the Divine Plan and the Creator, making it easier for you to maintain a centred connection with the Creator and return to this connection when it seems like you drift away. This means that you release your fear of losing connection with the Creator and being unable to rediscover the Creator within you.

If more and more souls upon the Earth activate, emanate and explore their Divine Innocence, then this would mean that there are more people on the Earth who are willing to see the truth, the larger picture of all that happens on the Earth.

There will be many more people willing to let go of fear and release the loving power within them, thus encouraging others to tune into their Divine Innocence rather than creating more fear, judgements and pain.

As those who are ready and willing to connect with their Divine Innocence do so, they will become energy imprints allowing many people all over the world to align with, rediscover and emanate their inner Divine Innocence. Thus, everyone will begin to see and acknowledge the world and themselves in a new way that is beyond limitations and illusions.

Imagine a world where you can instantly see through negative programming and messages from other.  Fears, separation and inner wounds that others and you hold on to or try to influence you or your reality with. Instead a truth, inner knowingness and contentment would manifest allowing all communications, creations and manifestations to be perceived from a state of higher awareness, compassion, truth and understanding.

The greatest experience will be that humanity as individuals and as a whole will be able to take back their power, existing in harmony with


The Purpose of Your Divine Innocence Now by Celestial Dolphin Consciousness

themselves and others. The consciousness of humanity, which is akin to a well of energy that all of humanity draw upon, would also shift and transform and create beautiful states of peace, forgiveness, healing and contentment for all. With the perceptions of humanity shifting and healing taking place within all, the reality of the Earth would transform as well as the way in which humanity choose to exist.

This is already occurring on the Earth now; many are clearing old wounds for themselves and on behalf of others. As old wounds are released, so the heart chakra expands naturally.

The heart chakra of Mother Earth is also expanding now allowing more love to flow throughout the Earth and humanity. Each of you are becoming magnificent delivers of sacred love as it flows through your entire being. When the heart chakra can open more because it has released burdens, so Divine Innocence naturally can come forth to divinely inspire, heal and awaken.

Such a simple energy and such a small focus placed upon your Divine Innocence can develop into power accepting transformations and higher consciousness awakening experiences. With a simple intention and even a small amount of focus upon your Divine Innocence you can support the Earth and humanity transforming and healing in beautiful and miraculous ways that allow you and all to be fully present with yourself, the Divine Plan and the Creator,

We are reflections of your Divine Innocence,

The Celestial Dolphin Consciousness

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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Love Overflowing

Here is another wonderful Vision from Carol Peacock, our friend at Sweetbriars Retreat Center in Springfield, Missouri. Carol says:

We envision a world where love is the answer to all questions.  Now that each and every one of us know in our hearts that love is the feeling that supports the highest good of all mankind, we allow ourselves to give it without hesitation.  We see that when we give love we trust and respect everyone, we are unselfish in our desires, we treat everyone as we wish to be treated, and we speak and act with gentle hearts.

Because we understand how important love is we always consider the feelings of others by being aware of the impact of our actions and words.  No one is lonely in this world because we all freely express our love and gratitude to each other for our co-existence on this planet.  We love each other, we love the animals, we love the plant life, and we love God.  No one is jealous of another as they are overflowing with the love that is sent to them each moment of their lives.  

There is nothing that we cannot handle now that we are sure that we are supported by the love of the Universe and all of Its inhabitants. Now that we know that all beings are motivated by loving kindness we feel safe, secure and peaceful in each other's company.  Our love which is for the highest good of mankind knows no boundaries and everyone is aware of that.  

There are no questions, no doubts, no fears, only LOVE and ONENESS.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Video: "I Surrender To The Light Of The Creator In Me !" By Natalie Glasson







I Heart❤️??James Peterson

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I Heart❤️??James Peterson

I Heart❤️??

I AM...that I AM
For this body
For this opportunity
In this knowing
I AM Love❤️??

No longer needing
this identity 
to call my own
this pride
to make my own
this world
to call my Home

Letting go of
all my beliefs
Letting go of
all my wants
Letting go of
of needing more
Letting go of
any such illusion
I AM Truth❤️??

Living the Now
I am awake
Living the Now
I am receiving
Living the Now
I am nothing 
Living the Now
I AM Peace❤️??

I have returned 
to the Truth
I have returned
to my Father
I have returned 
to Divine Mother 
I have returned 
to the ONE
I Heart❤️

May we ALL...return to our True Heart...we Share...we Love❤️????????❤️

I love you dearly,

Your brother James...
who shares your True Heart


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