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Life is what we decide to allow ourselves to live,

we have the ability to choose our path, and how we desire to travel it...

once we have made this choice, we must then move forward and live it as we have decided too, even if we have made a mistake in judgment or direction, we must still move on until we reach a place of change and when this place and time has been reached, dont waste time and effort, makesure to choose and then move forward once more.

I have in my life, made some decisions that I wish would have been of better judgment, but I can only blame Self and move on, and when I get to a time and place of change, I ask that it be done and also I ask for forgiveness and guidance and wisdom so not to make another bad choice, and I ask this in my Lord Jesus name and then I move forward...

I share this today just to show, we all make bad decisions, and we tend to not give enough time for prayer and to ponder and wait for the answer...we think at times the answer has been shown, when in truth, all we are seeing is a reflection of Self and selfish thoughts and desires...yes I do this as well...I am no better or different than anyone else...I'm human and I do mess up from time to time...yet what makes mine not look so bad is, I always pray and ask to be shown what I have done wrong so I can change it and not do that again...

Creator knew when we were designed and placed here on this our mother earth, that we were going to make mistakes and bad judgments...that is why we have a way out, through Jesus...Creator has no desire for us to fail, only that we learn and show our true love to Him and show we do desire to serve and be with him forever...that's all, so simple yet so hard to do...or is it...for some yes its hard...for others it is not so hard...and yet for a few, it is no problem at you decide what fits your life, and if you dont like what you find, change it...Its OK, Creator said so...blessings EagleBear

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