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We are in a time of trials...

I, true being questioned...even by my own human form...the Great Mystery, has set in action another season, mankind is in the center and now we must make choices that will effect self and all others that are on the same path at this time and place...when one can understand that good is, bad is, one way is the only way...when we can take words and make them mean what we truly believe and make it understood in all places... this is when Self has opened to enlightenment...

My native self, knows things that my man self could never accept, my spirit man walks in ways and forms no other can, unless they are on the same plain as I am at that moment in time...and I too understand our purpose for being the caretakers of Mother Earth...we live because she provides all needs, yet when it is time for growth unto another phase of life, another season, she holds not onto us, but she releases her grasp on us, during which time my animal spirits rise up and we are one in the same...the Eagle gives me his wings, the Bear give me courage even above self, all this I share can only happen with One greater than anyone, anything no matter the time nor place...the Great Spirit has and always will hold the truth and answers to all things always...blessings always, until we share once more...


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Comment by Joseph EagleBear Verrett on March 30, 2018 at 6:48pm

I offer love and self to Creator...

I offer tobacco and sage to our Chief's and Elders...

I offer prayer and oneness with All Others...

It is a true honor for this simple truth to be shared with All,

know that all is of the Great Mystery, and only His Son will know what is to come,

yet those that search deep within and see's the true Holy One, this is when all things will

begin to correct and become what is to be tomorrow...

If it is you that knows this truth, I also give a gift of my love and care and deep understanding of why it is...blessings always, until we share once more...

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