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Wa do (Thank You) , My Life's Journey is growing close to it's end...

Wado (Thank You),

for all the care, thoughts, prayers, love, respect and friendship shown to me always from my family here...

I am not in the best of health these days, much of my time is spent laying in a hospital bed in my home, I have several things that has joined and made my body not function as well as it once did, yet nothing can take away my desire to serve our Creator or all of mankind that will allow me this humble blessing. As my day to day trials of the body continue, I find strength in each of you as your spirits join with mine and re-news my sickly body. With each thought of what you do for me, a tear is shed in thanksgiving for the care and love given me and I also send my love and care forward for those that are in need as well. So once again all I can give back is my prayers and spirit shared and I can only say Wa do for all given me.

I am awaiting a call from UAB hospital, they are the one's that will remove my right leg. But as I have stated, things are not getting better, only worse, my left leg has started doing the same thing my right one is when this call comes and I make the 3hour journey to this hospital, it may be for the removal of both as I have shared, this is not something that I can do alone, this is testing every bit of my belief and faith in our Lord and Creator, this has taken its toll on my body and now it is affecting my mind and thoughts as well. So just know even when I may not say it here, my words, love, care, respect and prayers are always flowing for each of you my brothers and sisters in this our Life's Journey.

Peace, love, much wisdom I pray this day for All...Joseph/EagleBear

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Comment by Amy Dillon on May 10, 2011 at 9:09am

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your blessings of gratitude. It makes my heart soar to hear that you carry the candle of  thankfulness in the darkness. We, all of us, lose our way and forget: the ocean pulls us, this way and that. And then. And then, we get to remember again and the light comes and fills our heart and we feel gratitude.

Thank you for the precious gift. I will carry it with me always. Till the day I go too.

With reverence to you and your family.

Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on May 7, 2011 at 1:06pm
Dear ans sweet Rev Joseph/EagleBear,

You message is going directly to my heart.
My prayers are with you every day at each moment.

I just want you to know my Faith and Love are with you, very humbely and sweetly.

I pray the Divine for you, your family and friends.

With Love ...
Comment by Joseph EagleBear Verrett on May 7, 2011 at 11:43am
Dear Béatrice, Bente, Summer Breeze, Shells, desmond and Amy...
First I give thanks for All Things to You, my Creator and I add these prayers within my spirit unto You to make so...I do these things in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ...Amen.

Now I want to word this in a way that it touches each of You so as You feel my thanksgiving and care and love for each here...

So much has been shown me in the past few weeks,
much has been shown through You and the knowledge that has been allowed you, and for this, thank you.

As each new day comes, and I have been blessed to awake to it and its new mysteries and blessings...I have but one thing I can say and that is thank You, for being in my life, being my friend/brother/sister...also for the love and tender care in your words as too give me comfort and to help me re-new what I already know, yet have fallen and allowed self not to see. You have been here with me and when I stumble, You pick me up and brush me off and You share a kind genital word to allow me to begin once more on my journey I say Thank You always.

As night comes, and everything goes to sleep that should, there is so much that is just waking for their new day in the black of night...the night is filled with power, the darkness engulfs you and it takes you where many have never traveled, to places that we have no words for to explain where and what it is, yet within self, You know and understand for it was the place in which you were designed to travel and see and learn much...many are their in this place, yet they are not as we are, they are the shadows of one;s self, the thoughts that flow in the vast heavens never to stop or end but to be forever as too when the time is the Time, each of us will understand, each of us will be brought up to our place that is only for one's self, yet we need no shelter, food, medicine, sex, TV or any other human need, for All Things are here for the touch and use and teaching of our next stage in the heavens...we are, we will always be, we have made it back to our true birth place and our Father is waiting to welcome us home to stay forever...So for this I give thanks to You for being whom and what you are in this human life, and for the travel to see You in your true life.

So just to end this with nothing but truth, I will say this day to each of You...Thanks for being You...blessings always Joseph/EagleBear
Comment by Amy Dillon on May 7, 2011 at 3:31am
Thank you for sharing your experience with us Joseph. I cannot imagine the valley you are going through right now. I think I would be petrified. I remember the book: though I walk through the valley of death, you will be my rod my staff my comfort. Inside of every breath there is the space that will take you to the next breath and in between the breath, in the momentary stillness lies God until your very last breath. We are more than just our body, our mind and now is the opportunity to breathe and feel god in the only place you can, in the silence of that still place deep within your inner church. God be with you always.
Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on May 6, 2011 at 12:24pm
With Love ;Love, Helath and Peace for you and all Beings.
Comment by desmond dillon on May 5, 2011 at 10:13am



dear Joseph  ,   the wonderful gift of life continues to be unpacked everyday til our last breath. You are not your body and you are not your mind you are something special hidden deep within inside. Those of us that breathe have the chance to know something of the endless love behind every breath. we are not diminished but we are enhanced by the demands that accepting the gift of life entails. Because the way it works is that we are given everything we need moment by moment including the where with all to to grow strong in our heartfelt feeling. this is what challenges do.

Heck i know it can't seem easy but somewhere is says about seeing though the glass darkly while we are here. later we will see clearly. i only know here and i have to see clearly now. Time is here to feel this inner love or to die in the attempt. thanks for your contributions here they have been most welcome. one of the many magical things about this life experience is that non of us know if we will get one more breath. how thankful can you be.....






Comment by Shells on April 30, 2011 at 6:41am
Dear Joseph/EagleBear, I have just read your words and  by now, the surgery has taken place.  I pray that you have returned home to your heavenly free space. I study A Course In Miracles. If you know anything about ACIM, words are very comforting, loving, and cradle you in the arms of God and His loving grace. You spoke about being tested. ACIM does not judge and is only here to teach us how to love all and forgive all. You also spoke about knowing that we here at "peace for me and the world" help you because you know that we pray. I hope in this hour, you are resting without pain, and know that God is with you, holding you in His loving arms. In giving us you words,  of love, care, respect, and prayers that continue to flow for each of us as your brothers and sisters, is BEAUTIFUL gift. It is the best way to heal - giving love and in giving love, you receive love. Your Life's Journey is blessed, and I thank you for being brave and an example of His shining light that God gives when needed. I took a photo of crystals which have healing properties. One has a heart in the middle and with each beat, think of it as a love gift. Blessings to you - always Shells from San Francisco
Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on April 29, 2011 at 9:13am

My soul is singing for yours, dear Joseph

LOVE AND PEACE  for you and all Beings.

Comment by Bente Sædal on April 21, 2011 at 5:06pm

Thank you dear Joseph/EagleBear,

for sharing with us about your life. Its sad that you have health problems,

and its difficult to understand WHY in this times, but Im really glad you have

your  faith in God with you to help you and your fam in this time in life.

I'll pray for you as well and sending love, light, hugs and blessings your way



Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on April 20, 2011 at 9:46am
Dear Reverant,
I'll pray for you and all of yours.
I hope your faith helps you and your family ...
Love and Peace for you and all of yours.

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