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European Solidarity Rally for Tibet with H. H. the Dalai Lama Vienna, 26th May 2012.

European Solidarity Rally for Tibet with H. H. the Dalai Lama Vienna, 26th May 2012, 14.30 - 19.00h.


Tibet remains in a state of constant fear and the situation is deteriorating, day by day. The crisis has been ignited by a series of repressive campaigns by the Chinese government making live unbearable for Tibetans.


Nomads are evicted from the grasslands, the hunger for precious ores has led to destructive exploitation of nature, huge numbers of security personel are sent into the monasteries, forced indoctrination and re-education has been intensified, censorship has become stricter than ever in the last 20 years and Tibetans demanding freedom and the return of H. H. the Dalai Lama to Tibet are persecuted and put to jail.


Over thirty, mostly young Tibetans, have chosen self-immolation, the most drastic form of non-violent protest, to express their frustration about the Chinese oppression in Tibet. Gatherings to commemorate the dead ones are brutally scattered by the military forces.


In view of the escalating situation inside Tibet, Tibetan and support groups in Europe are organizing a solidarity rally in Vienna in the afternoon of Saturday, May 26, 2012. Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay has agreed to address the rally on behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration. We are extremely honoured that His Holiness the Dalai Lama will bless the rally with his presence. More details about the rally, its venue and the program will be soon available on this website. Contact:


Supported by: Tibetan Community in Austria | Tibetan Community in UK | Tibetan Community in Denmark | Tibetan Community in Sweden | Tibetan Community in Poland | Tibetan Community in Ireland | Tibetan Community in Iceland | Tibetan Community in Italy | Tibetan Community in Germany | Tibetan Community in Spain | Tibetan Youth Association in Europe | Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Association | Ven Thupten Wangchen, European Chitue | Chungdak Koren, European Chitue


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