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Healing With Your I Am Presence And Beings Of Light

Adama - about the healing process and communion with our higher Selves

Q~ How do we actually open our hearts and allow our emotional bodies to begin the healing process?

Adama - There is no one recipe for everyone. Each one is unique and has different issues to heal. Each of you has a different emotional make-up and your own distinct healing process.

Basically, you will start the process moving in the right direction through choice, sustained intention, conscious and active meditation, and diligent communication with your higher self each day.

Ask the part of you that remains in divine wholeness to reveal to you what needs healing in the now moment, and to bring it forth to your conscious awareness.

Start signaling your I AM Presence with serious intention that you want to be whole again, and that you want to integrate all parts of yourself in unity and oneness. And call upon the angels and Archangels & Divine Beings of Light you acknowledge to help you.

Submit yourself willingly to whatever process is necessary to receive that healing in full trust, faith, love and surrender. Be assured that you will receive the full cooperation of your higher self and the whole of the light realm. Your healing process will then begin to take place at every level.

Your higher self will draw to you the right books to read, the right people to meet with, and events and opportunities will come your way. If you open your mind and heart to your healing with sustained intention and diligence, the process will flow with grace and ease.

Your healing process will continue to progress as you remain focused in your intention. It may appear to be work at first, and without doubt, it is. See it as a journey back to the "sun" of your being and know that this process is loaded with rewards and fulfillment along the way.

You are not alone in this journey. Your angels, guides, masters, as well as all of us in the New Lemuria, are accompanying you at every step. The entire spiritual hierarchy of this planet, your Earth Mother and the whole of the light realm are at your beck and call to assist your healing.

As you progress in your healing, your energy will come back. Your physical body will start letting go of the pains and traumas of the past and you will start rejuvenating. You will begin to feel yourself becoming more alive and vibrant.

Humanity has been working with 5 to 10% of their full potential as divine beings. The rest of your being has been there all along in a state of slumber.</p

Wake-up and heal yourselves, beloveds. As you open your hearts and let go of your pain, you will become increasingly more alive.

The joy that you will feel will be amplified many times. Your mental faculties will open more and you will think "oh well, we're all becoming geniuses now and life is so joyous!"

Open yourself to grace in a very conscious manner and allow yourself to receive those energies in all of your bodies on a daily basis.

( From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

Infinite Blessings with Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & Divine Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are All Divinely Perfect For  Each of You in Every Moment !

Steven Hutchinson

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Good to see you here Oriel, and thanks so much for your reply. Infinite Blessings of God & your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, & Abundance, Steve


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