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Journey to Nibiru & the Eternal Return

Posted by Nanaea - December 10, 2012 - ChannelingsEnki


As we have mentioned many times in our channelings, the Kingdom/new world/Nibiru is merging with Earth reality. We have also explained in our work and on our Facebook fan page (please like us) that Nibiru is not a planet that will crash into Earth in the sense that doomsday conspirators have been prophesying for the longest time (and spreading fear).

In the true translations of the Sumerian tablets, we find the instances of when the gods journeyed to the Sanctuary of Nibiru (read The Journey of Nanna to Nippur which resided in Eden which is also know as Dilmun ( Nibiru was also a name given to the planet Jupiter for when Marduk conquered Tiamat; he was given 50 new names and the attributes of his father Enki and his uncle Enlil. Enlil was known as Jupiter and so he gave this title to his nephew. As Jupiter, it was known as MUL.AMAR.UD: ‘Marduk’s Star’.

We find that it is imperative for us to explain this as there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding Nibiru and the Anunnaki and it is our mission to bring the truth to light though it is not OUR truth, but a truth written in stone.

We have discovered that a lot of people believe what they want to believe; mainly through fear, or not wanting to accept that they have been mind controlled by the false frequencies injected into our reality through the false stories about the Anunnaki from various workers of the dark brotherhood. We find that many claim to have terrible past life experiences with the Anunnaki and again, this is part of the implanted programming from the dark brotherhood frequencies.

Though many of these people do believe that the Anunnaki created humanity, gave them free will and Earth and taught them civilization, they cannot seem to connect that when you create life you love your creation and this is the same for how the Anunnaki feel for us; our creators love their creations.

As the founders of the Anunnaki Earth Council and the representatives of the Anunnaki on Earth, we aim to constantly spread the love and truth of the Anunnaki. As their channels, avatars, Light Workers and followers, it is important to us to deliver their words to humanity in order to heal the bridge between our ancestors with their descendents.

The Channeling

Together we are the key and the gateway and together we open the necessary stargates to allow the energies of the Kingdom to enter Earth reality while also weakening the false matrix in order to make the transition into the Aquarian age as smooth as possible. During our meeting and during performing the ritual needed to open a stargate I began to see a vision.

I was standing on what seemed to be the edge of the world yet through a veil I could see the Anunnaki gods standing together waiting for me. I understood that I was looking into another dimension as I realized this, Lord Enki walked through the veil and we hugged. He asked me, “Nanaea, would you like to go to Nibiru?” And of course I said “Yes.”

Lord Enki held out his hand and I took it and he guided me through this veil which was almost like a mist. When I was on the other side I was greeted by the gods and they introduced me to a young girl who looked around 15 years old by human standards. She was wearing the same kind of clothing that Merlaina and the Venusians wore on Venus; pale pink and white coloured robes. Very simplistic and very comfortable looking. This girl had black hair that was braided and lay on the side of her right shoulder.

She stepped forward and hugged me and told me that her name was Charlay (pronounced ‘Sharlay’). She told me that she was my guide during my visit to Nibiru. I looked around and we were alone; the gods had left.

From where I was standing, I could see that the landscape looked very much like Earth and to be honest, it looked very much like Cyprus, the island which I live. There were lots of mountains and valleys to my right and all around me there were many fig and olive trees. As I looked to my left I could see a huge lake and I recognized the lake as being in my sacred place whenever I meditate.

Charlay asked me to walk with her and I did so. We walked quietly between the lake and the mountains and I was trying to think what to say to her to fill the silence between us. Suddenly she stopped and said to me, “Nanaea, I can feel your feelings and please know that it is fine for you to ask me anything you want. I was so quiet only because I wanted to see if you could feel my thoughts but you were too preoccupied in filling the silence that didn’t allow yourself to simply ‘be’. Relax, it is ok. I know that you have not been to Nibiru before in your awake state so nothing grand is expected of you.”

I smile and feel relieved. Charlay was right; I was not allowing myself to just take in this exciting experience and I was ruining it with my nerves and wanting to make an impression. I willed myself to relax and asked her, “You said that you wanted to see if I could feel your thoughts. Is this something the people of the Anunnaki can do in Nibiru? I also ask because this is something I do myself; I am empathic and can feel the feelings of others which comes in useful to me being as I am a healer.”

Charlay: “Yes, Nanaea. We feel each others thoughts and emotions. You see, we are not afraid to accept the connection that we have with each other. We allow the emotions to flow between us because sometimes words do not say what we feel. Do not worry (she laughs) we have our private thoughts that we do not need to share with others. The thoughts and feelings that I mean are those that vibrate at a certain frequency and it is the frequency that we read, not the mind.”

Helen: “Thank you for teaching me this.”

Charlay: “You see, humans used to be more like this and now there are not so many who are empathic and can read the frequency of emotions. It is sad. Humans have this built in them, you know, this ability to read frequencies. Now it only seems to remain in those who are related by direct bloodlines, like a mother for her child and vice versa.

I tell you the truth when I say to you that in the drive for humans to feel unique and different to each other, they have lost that memory of when they were able to send mental messages to each other even when they were a great distance apart. But you understand it is not something that is lost and cannot be awakened; it is just something they have forgotten. It is the same for what you call intuitive and psychics on Earth; they don’t really read the future; they are reading the vibrations the affects of the present cause vibrates.”

Helen: “So you mean that, if someone goes to an intuitive to ask about their future, the intuitive is not receiving messages of what will happen in the future but is reading vibrations from the future which is the effect of what is happening in the present?”

Charlay: “Yes and no, Nanaea. It is true that the intuitive is reading the vibrations from the future because of the affect of the present but you also must remember that time is a cycle and has no future. Right now, in the present, the future is also here and so is the past. When the intuitive is asking about the future, they are sending their question into the future which boomerangs back from the future to the present with the answer. It is kind of like sending a letter and receiving a reply and reading that reply.”

Helen: “Wow, thank you for that teaching! I understand this. Sadly on Earth, many religions teach that try to see into the future is evil and against the wishes of their God. This is why many humans have blocked that part of themselves that can connect with other beings in the universe as well as their abilities and even themselves.”

Charlay: “How silly are those religions. Nanaea, you do understand that these religions were created to make humans dependant on humans, don’t you? You do understand that by caging these believers and members of these religions they cannot expand their consciousness and it is hindering their ascension, don’t you?”

Helen: “Yes, Charlay, I know this. It is sad but it is true.”

Charlay: “Nanaea, you have also forgotten things in this incarnation. You have forgotten me, also. I was your best friend and your priestess.”

When she tells me this I feel sadness because I do not remember her right now. I feel sad to see the love she has for me, the familiarity, but I cannot respond to this with the same emotions because I do not remember her or how I felt for her. I begin to sense she is a little hurt by this though she understands. Even so, I have to try hard to push the guilt away and I begin to feel myself wanting to cry. Ever since my trip to Venus I have changed so much; my heart has become more open and I am very sensitive. I know it is a process I am experiencing as I am regulating myself and getting used to the Venus energies but I still have to deal with it, even so.

Helen: “I am very sorry, Charlay, but I don’t remember you. I know that I will one day and I know that I will love you like you love me and remember the depth of our relationship. I know that I have always longed to have a sister who I could trust 100% and tell all my secrets to and I am sure it is you I have been longing for.”

Charlay: “It is ok, Nanaea, you do not need to try to make me feel better for I understand.”

Helen: “I am sorry.”

Charlay hugs me and says it is ok.

We continue walking quietly again and I see that we are coming to a flat piece of land and there are no trees or mountains or anything but land for what looks like miles. I also see a huge, white ziggurat in front of us. As we get closer I see that the ziggurat shimmers; it looks iridescent and sparkles in the sunlight.

As we reach the bottom of the steps I am in so much awe of this building. I have been to ziggurats before in my meditations, dreams and visions but I have not seen one quite like this before. Deep down something awakens and I know I remember this ziggurat from past life, a past memory.

Helen: “Charlay, what is this Ziggurat called?”

Charlay: “This is called ‘The Great White Ziggurat’ and within this Ziggurat is another Ziggurat called ‘É.TEMEN.AN.KI’.”

Helen: “Yes, I know Etemenanaki! It is the ziggurat of Marduk. But why in Nibiru is Etemenanaki residing within The Great White Ziggurat?”

Charlay: “Because Etemenanaki was the projection of The Great White Ziggurat materially on Earth.”

(Note Gematria results:

Helen: “I understand.”

Charlay: “Helen, I will not walk up into the Ziggurat with you; you must go alone. When you are there the doors will open automatically and Lord Enki will be there to greet you.”

Helen: “Oh, ok.”

And I begin to ascend the stairs of the Ziggurat. When I reach the top I look at the scenery from this height and it looks so beautiful. Everything looks so peaceful and alive. I feel a little nervous about going into the ziggurat. Not because I am afraid but because I don’t know what to expect.

The doors open and I walk inside. I seem to be in a throne room of some kind. The walls are a beautiful deep, royal blue, the same kind of colour of the bricks of Ishtar’s Gate in Iraq. There are golden thrones in front of me that are covered with the same colour blue material. Lord Enki appears from a door on the left of the room and he is smiling.

Enki: “Look above you, Nanaea.”

I instantly look up and I fall to my knees. The tears start rolling down my face and I have no words to say. I seem to be in the sky yet I look down at the floor and it is still there and so I look up again and again I feel I am in the sky. There is no ceiling, just the sky yet the sky seems to be WITHIN the room. I can see planets and they seem so close that I can touch them! The moon seems within reach, too. I know that my human mind cannot comprehend how this is possible. I know what it seems to be yet I don’t.

I sit on my bottom and I am dumbfounded. Lord Enki comes and sits down with me and crosses his legs. Part of me wants to laugh at this whole scene. I have Lord Enki sitting with me on the floor of a throne. He takes my hands and looks into my eyes.

Enki: “It is ok, Nanaea, my love. It is ok to see such things and not understand them. I just thought you would be delighted to see this.”

Helen: “Father, I truly am delighted and in awe. Thank you for showing this to me. It is just sometimes when I see such amazing things that my human mind is fighting to merge with my higher self so that I can understand how these things are possible.”

Enki: “My Nanaea. This is The Great White Ziggurat. This is temple of the foundation of heaven and earth. This is what links the divine to Earth and the gods to humanity. This is proof that truly, other planets and their civilizations are not so far away from Earth or humans as they think. You know, many in the past tried to reconstruct Etemenanaki but sadly the dark brotherhood dashed all hopes of that. They wanted to bring the gods back to walk among them. They wanted us to be close with them once again.

We realized that Etemenanaki could not be rebuilt. They will not allow it to be rebuilt. So we must erect it in the hearts of all of our children on Earth. Now that this world and your world are merging, there is no need to have a material structure that would symbolize the joining; the Earth itself will become Etemenanaki.

Helen: “Father, I wanted to ask you some things that have been troubling me and I ask for your guidance because you always give me the best advice. We have been sharing our channelings about and from the Anunnaki and some people have truly rejected them. I understand that it is due to their fears and projecting their fears upon us. What can we do about this?”

Enki: “You are to do nothing, Nanaea. You are to do nothing at all. We cannot force them to accept our words or that we love them. It has to be their choice. All that we can do is to plant the seed of truth and if they are interested, to teach them about whom we are. Otherwise, let them be. They are fighting battles within them that do not allow them to accept these words.”

Helen: “Some of them claim to have bad memories of the Anunnaki from past lives.”

Enki: “Would you hurt your own children, Nanaea?”

Helen: “I would die for my children. Of course I would never hurt them.”

Enki: “Then you know why we would not hurt them, ever. They are our children and whether they accept us or reject us doesn’t change this nor does it make us dislike them or not love them. They are just trapped within lower frequencies and cling on to the mind controlling beliefs about us that are full of lies. It is their will alone that can help them and neither you nor anyone can do this for them. Living in fear just hinders their ascension process.

You must also not take it personally if they reject us, Nanaea. We do not and as our representatives you must also try to behave this way. Do not allow it to affect you.”

Helen: “Ok, I won’t. I just get tired sometimes.”

Enki: “Don’t be downhearted, Nanaea; you are speaking about a handful of spiritually deaf people. Look at all the ones who have embraced our messages. They are the ones who you should focus on.”

Helen: “Yes, you are right.”

Enki: “I want to address you, my children, who are reading this. I want you to know that we love you very much. Soon we will be sending out an activation in preparation for the date 12th December 2012. This activation will enable you to align with the date 21st December 2012. We will give you more information for this in the near future and any of you can take part.

And to you, Nanaea, know that this transition is running smoothly. You and the other Anunnaki representatives are working hard to ensure this mergence is as comfortable as it can possibly be. The great Vesica Piscis is opening and the land of the crossroads is to soon be upon you. Whichever road you take from this crossroads will lead anyone to the right destination should they hold the truth of what and who we are and what and who we are to them within their consciousness.

There are many, many different beings helping with the mergence of the Kingdom with Earth and they are continuing to open channels with humans. The earth beneath Jerusalem is shaking, waking up the ancients of old and opening the gates to help with their return. And now I want to show you something and this is what I want you to share with everyone who is willing to listen.

The gods promised their children that they would return and we have been doing so by incarnating as avatars and trying to help heal humanity and help with the ascension process so that eventually, human beings will vibrate at the same frequency as us and we can be and live together. Right now, if a human were to come in range of us, you can imagine what damage our vibrations would do to them. As you know, there was a time when we lived among humanity but when we left, due to the major religions on Earth, your frequencies have been lower. Oh my love! You know why they did this!

They did this so that we cannot come and be close to you again. It ensures it would keep us away. You do not know how painful this has been for us. So we do keep returning and we will always keep returning until the time comes when humans vibrate at the frequency as us and we will no longer need to keep sending messenger avatars but some ourselves. Of course, not to take over, but to be with you once again. I don’t want to discuss this now but I do want to show you something. Come with me, my love.”

We rise from our sitting positions and I follow him through the door that he used to enter the throne room. There are stairs leading down and we begin to descend. Down and down we go. It seems like an eternity until we reach a control room. This control room is built around an energy that is oscillating like a tornado.

Helen: “Father where are we?”

Enki: “Nanaea, this is the middle of the Earth. The Earth is hollow. That energy you see before you is an entry and exit point to and from Earth. It is the one true stargate that cannot be touched by the dark brotherhood. This control room is what drives the Earth. Remember many times I have told you that Earth is like a space ship? Now you understand why.”

Helen: “I have read before that some people say that the Earth is hollow but I didn’t really take much notice about it back then. I didn’t understand why it was important for us if it was or it wasn’t. Apart from the stargate, is there any other reason why it is important to know that the Earth is hollow?”

Enki: “Yes, there is. All the energies from the universe connect and run through the Earth, nourishing her and revitalizing her. It is important because of what is happening on Earth, how for so long humanity have been destroying her and using up all her resources. Don’t worry, though, Nanaea; no human can destroy Earth. Humans can dig into her and bomb the land but life will prevail and Earth will prevail it all. She is far more ancient than any of you and in truth, she will dictate eventually how you will live and if people do not change their ways, they will have to answer to her.

In early human history, humans would perform fertility rites to ensure they had a good crop that season. Love is the key, Nanaea; she only asks for you to love each other for if you love each other and your home that is Earth, she will keep providing you with food. It is each other you need to help and heal, not Earth. She is has ways of renewing herself.”

Enki went on to show me many other things that were a personal message to us which we cannot divulge right now. I began to grow weary and so Enki hugged me and the visions and channeling ended.


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