Peace for the Soul

A common space for harmonic peacemakers

Requiem, for a world without compassion

Sad cry the water of the rivers

Let me run free to the sea

Scream the wild animals

Let us run through the meadows and forests

A dark wind surrounds the earth

Ashes of the past, of the burned!

The pure hope fades

Ultimate twilight glow

They dilute into darkness.

The aurora goddess waits for sunlight

Nightingale seeks for seductive virgin

The Season of Flowers, of Love

The sweet spring

The dying nature manifests itself

In cries of pain, in supplications of love

A sad song, A requiem

For a world without compassion

Let me live for my tears

Or give me eternal rest, sir!

Scream the Nature!

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Amazon rainforest fire

Fires are raging at a record rate in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, and scientists warn that it could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change.

I do not think these climate changes are just happening, I think there is a pole shifting going on and we are not told about, probably to avoid general panic, but it is not right that we are lulled into believe something that is not the real truth.

However, we, as human beings, part of the Divinity that created us and creators ourselves, could avoid all of this if we were as Illuminated as we could be, but since we have deviated from the spiritual path and are only worshiping the Gods of Money and Possessions, we are living in a false World, that needs to end, one way or another...

Unfortunately, this is so true to what is happening to this World...

But beautifully expressed, nevertheless, therefore, there is still some hope...


There's a hole in the world; there's a hole in our hearts
It's a crack so familiar we wonder
Where do you end, and where do we start
There's a tear in our eye; it's the same one that the mother cries
When she's sad and can't find her smile
Like she cries when she fears she's lost her baby inside.
And like a word to the wise
In a room full of mirrors it's so hard to hide
There's not a branch that survives the fall of the tree
There's not a heart that won't break when their eyes they final see
There's a word on your tongue begging to be said but it aint very fun
To drop down your shield and admit when you're wrong
Take the time to rewind and rewrite the song
Remember why we are here
It's not just to get our fill then disappear
There's not a branch that survives the fall of the tree
There's not a heart that won't break when their eyes they final see
Finally see out the new window
With a softness in our hearts doing a dance we used to know
You are music; we are in perfect time
Hand in hand, eye to eye and marvelously intertwined
As a hummingbird dances backwards with gravity
The cornfields sway in the westerly wind's rhapsody
I could swear once I saw a turtle he laughed at me
At the speed I was goin', the sound never made it back to me
Until I sat down in the grass, sat there so quietly
And finally it reached me... finally, finally
We're not the story here only part of the tale
Just a drop not the ocean, a drip in the pail
It's our home, she's our mother, and we can't trade her for another
When she's got trouble, we got double
She's a force not a resource, we're the only recourse
When we take more than our share far more than expected
Everything's affected, because everything's connected
Yes there's more to the puzzle than our own little needs
We can't change her plans, or alter her seeds
There's a whole of the world, there's a whole of our hearts
The connections so clear we wonder
Where do you end and where do we start
There's a star in the sky brilliantly shining hope in our eyes
And the reflection of the moon over the sea
it's a call to the hearts and souls of you and me
Take just a moment; take a deep breath as one
Remember some things we do, just can't be undone
Remember why we are here
It's not just to get our fill then disappear
There's not a branch that survives the fall of the tree
There's not a heart that won't break when their eyes they final see

Yea, though I see its refrain throughout the being-universe,

since we, who knew so much, failed to grasp our divine purpose;

it is for this my heart is broke...  

its all so shameful to have to be unwittingly part of the destruction of our wonderful world yet even so I draw inspiration because from ashes the phoenix can rise again and we carry its beating wings within our hearts.. all is far from lost.. so long as the awakening heart can breathe..

Thousands of acres of the Amazon's beautiful forest are burning out. Her human and animal children are becoming homeless. President Bolsonaro, infamously known as Brazil's Trump, has long argued that the Amazon should be open for business. But one cannot claim to love god and hate his creation. One cannot worship god and hate her black, brown, yellow or jewish children. It seems clear now that our human duty is to dismiss this hyper, racist, ignorant Trumpian style capitalism. The Amazon must live if we want to live. Trump and Bolsonaro and their clones in all seven continents must go now, if humanity is to go on. May it be soon.

I agree, Nada, and I also agree with Desmond, we can recreate because we are creators also, whatever is of value to a more enlightened civilization, may be we need to let this one disappear, before we can raise this World, again...


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