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The death of the forest is the end of our people - Take Action

Brazilian indigenous peoples are currently locked in a fight for survival: Big Business is pushing to scrap the constitutional protection of their ancestral territories and clear even more rainforest for soy monocultures, cattle, hydropower and mining. Tell the Brazilian government to get its priorities right.

The Yanonami, one of Brazil's 240 indigenous peoples (Wikimedia/Cmacauley (CC BY-SA 3.0))

Brazilian rainforest dwellers are standing up against a proposed constitutional amendment, PEC 215. Brazil’s Congress is also due to vote on a new mining law.

Both bills would allow the Brazilian legislative branch to roll back government protection of land in the name of “relevant public interest”. This would clear the way for massive dam-building, industrial agriculture and mining projects on indigenous land while effectively blocking the creation of new protected areas.

The government is responsible for the designation of protected areas and indigenous territories. But since the elections in late 2014, the influence of lobbyists for the agricultural, mining and energy industries has increased, and with it, wholesale destruction is looming for the environment of the Amazon region. Large parts of Brazil are already suffering a catastrophic water shortage. Rainfall is also declining along the Amazon. The water supply of millions of people is in jeopardy.

Scientists see a direct connection between the deforestation of the Amazon region and the current drought. Forests play an immensely important role as a water reservoir and in regulating the climate.

Brazilian indigenous peoples successfully blocked this legislation in the past: In April 2013, hundreds of indigenous protesters occupied the Congress building in Brasilia. Further indigenous protests prevented a congressional debate in December 2014, prompting promises at the time to drop PEC 215.

Now, only months later, the undead proposal has reappeared on the agenda.

Please sign our petition calling on the Brazilian government to scrap PEC 215 once and for all.

Please sign this petition :

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Has anyone signed? Thx for your feedback, You were very helpful, thx. 

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