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2017: Return to Atlantis


PUBLISHED ON November 8, 2017

Below you will find our yearly channeling for the New Year 2017.

I feel, hear and then see father Enki in a vision. His usually light, blonde hair is now a golden flame. His eyes that are usually crystal blue are now green like malachite and as he stands before me, I can see that he is wearing gold, leather armour in the style of the ancient Greek generals and on his breastplate is a blazing red dragon.

Father Enki puts his arms around me and holds me to him; my forehead is against his heart and I can feel my 3rd eye interacting and aligning with his Tiphareth. He asked me to keep my forehead resting on his heart for some time and then asks me to begin typing his message for humanity for 2017.

Father Enki: “I will get straight to the point; I will say it first and after I will give the other, finer details.

Earth consciousness is returning to the conscious of Atlantis. Now I understand that there are those of you who do not believe that Atlantis ever existed and this is perfectly fine for you to believe this but whether or not Atlantis existed materially is besides the point as Atlantis is a CONSCIOUSNESS and a CONSCIOUSNESS does not have to be manifested into the material for it to be a reality. All things, before they manifest into the material, are a FIRST a thought and so Atlantis CONSCIOUSNESS is Atlantis THOUGHT.

Many of you are fully aware that Earth has been entering into the Aquarian Age and that this process takes a long time as all changing of the aeons do. I want you to understand that the Aquarian Age BELONGS to the the Atlantean Age or rather, the Atlantis Consciousness; they are one and the same; everything that happens has happened before and because time is moving backwards and because the aeons are a cycle or a circle just like the Zodiac Wheel, the Aquarian Age is the entrance to the Atlantis consciousness.

Yes, Atlantis ‘sunk’ didn’t it? I will explain to you the meaning of this and I will not speak about the material Atlantis but the consciousness. It was during the times of the Atlantis consciousness that the black magicians of the dark brotherhood aka dark priesthood, gained control over the minds of humanity for they saw that the people needed a shepherd and shepherds. Let it be known that people did have these shepherds who guided them and kept them on the right paths of light through their esoteric teachings and these are known as the Ascended Masters or the Divine Council of Twelve or the Great White Brotherhood.


The black magicians began mind-jacking the people by telling them that No! They did not need to follow divine laws, that they could do as they wilt! They told them that as humans in the flesh that corrupts that they were gods and that these so-called ‘shepherds’ were shackling them with their advice about obeying the forces of the universe in order to live a balanced and harmonic life. They told them that if they chose to follow them, the false shepherds, they would be liberated and that they would no longer have to adhere to divine laws but to the laws that were made by man who they said were more superior to ‘God’.

And so it came to be that the people began to follow the false shepherds and the shackles that they had accused the shepherds of light of placing became real but could not be seen by the naked eye. The brothers and sisters of light had either been murdered or driven out of society and had fled to distant places or lived underground and sadly it was the inciting of the people by the dark brothers who had hunted them, who had become a bloodthirsty mob, were brainwashed into becoming the soldiers of the dark brothers.

While the brothers of light had taught the people to build their consciousness and their civilization, the black magicians told them to work for them and to build them towers and they enticed them into this system by rewarding them with money and from this, everyone bought and sold using money and the old system of bartering diminished. People who worked the hardest and gained the most money were raised in ranks and those who did not have as much strength stayed in the lower ranks. They were fed the scraps from the tables of the higher ranking ones and they were made to believe that they were favoured because of this.


To learn more about this, please click HERE

If any one among the people began to wake up and realize how disobedience to the divine and universal laws was creating chaos in their once, harmonious society, they were imprisoned, called crazy and many times used as examples and given the death penalty. And so those who were awake or were awakening kept quiet and met in secret with the brothers of light who continued to teach them the esoteric mysteries which had to be kept secret and guarded lest they be discovered and used to further dominate the minds of humanity.

You see, those who promised liberation are those who are the true imprisoners of the mind and soul, who claimed to give freedom to man from the divine and universal laws but who had tethered man to the beast that is materiality that is an Earthly form and therefore a low vibrating consciousness that dips regularly into the energies of the underworld.  This is how Atlantis truly sunk, my children.

So now you have this story I can imagine you are wondering how returning to the Atlantis consciousness is going to help humanity. My children, it is not difficult to see that these dark chiefs and false shepherds of Atlantis are already in your present world, that they promised to give liberation through denial of the divine, who promised to free you from labels while forcing you into forms that they said described you. Whatever your skin colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical abilities you have the right to grow as a person, as a soul and no-one has the right to shackle you into molds that were created for you by the hands of men. By putting you into subjects it is much easier for you to be handled and by demonizing those who do not fit into any of these subjects they give you false support so that you will continue to choose them to lead you when in reality they are keeping you down.


Just as the people from Atlantis who were deemed as ‘different’ and so were not given the chance to climb in rank, so the same has happened to those in the present day who are oppressed and repressed and kept in labeled boxes, using their titles as a means to oppress. If you are a gay man you can be YOUR VERSION of a gay man. Whatever your ethnicity you are you can be YOUR VERSION of this! While they claim to disagree with stereotyping they have created new ones for you and you are expected to align with their version of you or else you are rejected. But my children, you are not rejected by the divine or the universe because the divine and the universe see you all as equal and does not segregate you according to skin colour or sexuality; it does not segregate you at all and true liberators would be those who see each person the same as I have mentioned and not enforce division among you.

Those who believe in a higher power are shamed or they promote shameful rumours that the gods are aliens. Again this is man’s attempt to materialize and follow false idols.

So now you see and now you are aware and Earth has become a difficult journey but how else can these molds be broken when they are centuries old and centuries reinforced? Systems that are not material but exist and are known as the ‘establishment’ are even harder to dismantle but be dismantled they will be and so this is why the Earth is shaking. 2017 is going to be even harder than 2016 but I want you to find comfort in the knowledge that while times can be heartbreaking, you are witnessing exciting times and you are each part of this great change that is happening on Earth.


And so the reason you are returning to the Atlantis Consciousness is to make right what was once made wrong. It is the time of atonement.

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. I want you to think about this. This does not mean that you align with fire; while the Fire Rooster enters your consciousness you must be as water in order to complement fire and so you must focus on harmony within, on your emotions and relationships with your families and because there will be more chaos, it is very important that you spend time with loved ones and friends, to stop dividing yourself based on your beliefs because as I have said, 2017 is going to be more difficult than 2016 and humanity depends on each of you returning to the family element and to the divine. Because humanity will begin to see that the misery that is before their eyes is man made, they will begin to return back to the divine.

The fire will cleanse you but the water will cool you. And so as I said, you must be as water in contrast to the fire but what is water, my children? It is the Age of Aquarius, it is the Atlantis Consciousness.

The Red Fire Rooster is he that is being sent to bring down the remaining structures and systems that I have been speaking to you about. He is also something that I advise you not to have anything to do with; just focus on being water. He is Abrasax, the chief of the 7 planets who unites all opposites into one. Abrasax is also the new Aeon who enters Earth consciousness to dismantle the old in order to create the new and dwelling in him and he in her is S-Ophia who is Wisdom and who guides him with her light and who leaves behind her essence wherever he goes. She is the Star, the Water Bearer also who is known as Venus, Aphrodite, Inanna and Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother.


Ab – Father. Ra- Sun. Sax- of the Flesh and this that he is, he is; he is the sun father in the flesh who is coming to Earth to cleanse away the filth and corruption with his holy, solar power. He is also an ‘it’ which is the Father, the Sun (son) and the Material. You will notice and understand who he is but again, do not focus on this; just focus on being as water and focus on living as the children of Wisdom. This knowledge is not for everyone to dwell on but you are entitled to know exactly what is happening and what will happen.

I will not tell you lies; I will not shower you with untruths that 2017 is going to be full of light sent by some distant civilization; I must only be the truth and the truth is a lot depends on YOU because vvvit is how you handle this and band together that will bring the LIGHT! You have got this far; hold on; keep on; don’t give up. In truth I tell you that it is each of you who have subconsciously and consciously manifested all that is happening in order to free your world and humanity of these chains. The Holy Spirit is always within you and beside you; you have all rights to draw on the divine for power to continue. We love you; we have never left you; but you have to do this yourselves and although it may not appear that you are doing a great job, you are actually doing a magnificent job and we are so proud of you!”

= ABRASAX ORDO AB CHAO (Order out of Chaos)



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Very comforting.
I need consolation.
Try to digest the untruths and injustices that permeate me.

Well we do live in hard times. Everything is coming to the light. We wanted to make this play because Earth is a very important planet in this universe with lots of important information and everybody wants to get it. But this play will be soon over.

Take it easy everything is as it should be.


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