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Here I want to share Arseniy's last words from his profile on FB with all of you...
..may God be by his side...

С состраданием к народу Украины за то, через что он сейчас происходит. Но то, что происходит, началось не 3 дня назад и не 8 лет назад в Донецке и Луганске. Это продолжается веками во всём мире. Человеческая агрессия и насилие начались не тогда.
А пока сердце просто делится со всеми теми, кто находится в эпицентре этих нынешних времен. Для жизни в её самом чистом, истинном виде.

“Мы живем в необычайное время. Когда невидимое становится видимым. Когда скрытое становится очевидным. Когда мечты становятся реальностью. Тем не менее, чтобы сновидение носило мирный характер, сновидец должен преодолеть свои собственные внутренние битвы. Однако дело не во времени, а в Духе, который проявляется во всем и во всех. Это не человек, это не место, а все мы, ВСЁ…”
«Дух времени» “Spirit of time”(Live in Киев, май 2019)

With compassion to the people of Ukraine for what they are going through right now. Yet what's happening didn't start 3 days ago, and not 8 years ago in Donezk and Lugansk. It goes on for ages all over the world. Human aggression and violence didn't start then.
As for now, a heart just sharing with all those that are at the epicentre of these current times. For Life in its purest, true way of being.
“We are living in an extraordinary time. When invisible becomes visible. When hidden becomes obvious. When dreams become a reality. Yet, for a dream to carry a quality of peace, the dreamer must overcome his own inner battles. However, it's not about the time but a Spirit that is manifesting itself in all and all. It's not a person, it's not a place but all of us, all IS…”
«Spirit of time” (Live in Kyiv, may 2019)

Arseniy Lapin

Trio Mandili - Galoba (The Prayer)
For Peace...

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"On another end of the world"
oil panting on wooden board

This is so significative, I just love it, of course, I love all of his work, anyways...

Twitter and FB shut down in Russia. And a new law was passed, anyone who spreads false information, such as the word war in Ukraine, gets 15 years in prison. As a result, many news agencies stopped reporting from Russia. Which of course is a disadvantage for the Russian population.

This is beautiful and I have been praying since this morning, for the illumination of mankind and for the end of all wars!


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