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I learned ...

I was born out of an eternal darkness
I saw the light, got scared
I cried.

I learned to live in light with time
I saw the darkness and got scared
The day came when I saw off the ones i love to that eternal darkness
I cried

I learned to live,
That the birth is the time that the life starts to end,
That the interval part is the time that is stealed from death

I learned the time
I compete with it
That u shouldnt compete with time,
that u should make peace with it,
I learned with time

I learned the human
Then that there are goods and evils among them
Then that inside of each human
Goodness and evilest present

I learned to love
Then to trust
Then that trust is more lasting than love
that love is built on trust's secure ground

I learned human skin
Then that there is a soul beneath the skin
Then that in fact the soul is on the skin

I learned the universe
Then the ways to light up the universe
Then that u should light up ur environment
To light up the universe in the end

I learned the bread
Then that bread should be produced many for peace
Then that to share the bread fairly
Is as important as producing it many

I learned to read
Then i taught myself to write
After a while, the writing taught myself to me

I learned to go
Then to return back when u cant stand it
Then to go again despite of u

I learned to challenge the world alone in a young age
Then i decided that i should walk with crowd
Then that real walk should be towards the crowd

I learned to think
Then to think in patterns
Then that healthy thinking should be
By breaking the patterns

I learned the importance of chastity at home
Then that to expect chastity from the deprived ones is real rascality
that real chastity is not to touch at sin
when it is under ur hand

I learned the truth one day
And that the truth is bitter
Then the bitterness in right dose gives "taste" to life
As much as it gives to the cooking

I learned that every mortal will taste death
But only some will taste life

I love my friends with neither my heart nor my mind
It may happen
Heart stops
Mind forgets
I love my friends with my soul
It neither stops nor forgets.

- Rumi

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Dear Luna,

I also love the poetries from Rumi....

Thank you dear Sohiniben. So let us create together.


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