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Please view this video by filmmakers, Samir Abdallah & khéridine Mabrouk.



Salaam Margaret! This is one of the films playing at the Arab Film Festival currently in my area. Unfortunately, I had to choose between Gaza-strophe and Budrus and time-wise the second film worked out better. So many good films to choose from this year! Anyone who get's a chance out to check out both these films!

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Gazastrophe is heart wrenching, shocking reality that's difficult to bear. Just when you thought you've heard everything, here it gets even worse. I don't think I will ever be the same since watching it.
There are a few good films, all important with the say they have.
I believe Budrus was chosen because it is the right time now to show positive achievements of the conflict.
Sure, your film is very important, it is shocking and touching, Samir. It must have been screened at the time of the events. Now, when so much (but not enough, though) is being done for the better, perhaps it is not the right time to be back to those awful days...of course no one will ever be able to forget them.
I know there are still electricity cuts, but not so often as before. I am with friends from Gaza everyday on the mobile and in the internet.
We all are hoping for better days.

Good luck to you .
Dear Iris,

One should not stir in the wounds and we should let hail. But we must also thinnk of those people who have suffered and are still suffering from the bad faiths of the Israeli Government in Gaza and the colonisation of Jerusalem East. There must be a stop of depriving the Palestinians from their lands and homes.
It seems to me that everything we oppose as peace people is summed up in this film about hatred,destruction, abuse of Human Rights, appalling unfairness and wrong deaths.

Hatred eats everything in its path.

I can feel the anger of a wronged people.

this should have never been allowed to happen.

But the world dare not oppose the might of the USA who paid for the bombs...
some gift for the Arabs.

War is never pretty.
War has victims from the aged to the young
We will never understand war

But we oppose all forms of warfare and violence

We are the people of peace

we operate from a different perspective.

love is our motivation

respect is our creed

and we will see the wrongs righted
Palestine was colonized starting in 1948 not 1967. Seems like people start to forget the history which demonstrates the importance of the Gaza film. The story is still being told. This Gaza event is 63 years old and ongoing! That's what people need to understand. It is not an isolated event in Palestine and it won't be the last. People need to see the full nature of the beast to understand what is the Palestine struggle.

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