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Mahatma Gandhi - the Father of the Indian Nation, and the Apostle of Nonviolence. He worked for India's independence from the British rule. And gave us the awesome power of nonviolence. A social reformer, he taught the world the eternal values of love and truth. His fight for human rights, protection of environment and religious tolerance was mankind's finest hour.

This audio visual show introduces the life and work of the historic figure of Mahatma Gandhi through rare images and archival material. For over 30 years, in a concentrated effort photographs and other documents about Mahatma Gandhi and India's independence movement were collected from sources all over the world.

Initiated by GandhiServe India Trust, in an interdisciplinary project, Gandhi scholars, historians, photo experts and graphic designers joined hands in order to turn black and white photographs into colour images, thus making them true documents of history. After scanning, all photographs have been cleaned digitally and colourised by skilled Indian hands according to the historic settings. When the photographs were taken the actual colorful scenes were reduced to black and white photographs due to technical limitations of those days. Now, in a complex process, Indian experts added the missing colours.

Mahatma Gandhi's life story is narrated by Partap Sharma and Neethi Ravindran, the leading voices in Indian TV, cinema and theatre.

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The definitive documentary audio visual show on the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi - now also on YouTube!

Please watch, share, like and comment, ... THANK YOU!

Wonderful video and work.


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