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Damn, I am awakening


She smacked me hard in the face

Of my consciousness

And my third eye

Began to water. . .  profusely


The tears flowed

Without impedance

And started to wash away

The variable illusions

And filthy delusions

I embraced tightly

As my truth


Damn, am i awakening


A bright light

Gave cause for me to squint

For the sudden onslaught

Of my forgotten brilliance

Was more than I was prepared

To look at,

Or face

All at once


I thought . . .

Damn, I am awakening


My soul began to move

Within its self

And untether me

From the finite things

And I saw the universe before me

Begin to come to life

And bud

In my private garden . . .

And yours too


As the sacred flower of reality

Blossomed and opened its petals

There was a sweet fragrance

That permeated my awareness

I became cognizant

That I was so much more

Than what I held to

All those years

As a once verifiable existence


My being-ness was expanding

And the music of One-ness

Began to become audible


I asked my self

Was this music always playing,

Was I deafened by the pollutants

Of life,

The noise we humans produce

In the recesses of our

Self created darkness?


I said to myself . . .

Damn, I am awakening


Now as I was becoming

Consciously cleansed

I began to vibrate

And resonate

In harmony

To a previously unknown

Non-empirical energy

That was opening doors of insight

And light

Showing me a way

Heretofore obscured


Dimensions were flowering

And yielding fruits of sweetness

That I could enjoy

At will


I affirmed

I was more awake

That I have ever been


I felt whole,

I felt perfect,

I felt strong,

I felt powerful,

I felt loving,

I felt harmonious,

I felt happy,

I felt healthy,

I felt wealthy,

I felt wise,

I felt my “I Am-ness”

I felt complete,

For I was !


This all happened

In a flash

When ‘Love Uninhibited’

Smacked me hard

In the face of my consciousness



© 19 may 2018 : william s. peters, sr.

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Replies to This Discussion

hey this is a great posting Bill and I must thank you for it..

Thank you so much my brother . . . blessings.

Nice your return Bill, and with such a great poem. ... Thank you.

Thank you so much dear Eva . . .  been very busy with the publishing company, writing and traveling. I miss you guys. Thank you for your warm words about the poem. Continued blessings and love.

Is that you in the photo Bill?

yes it is . . .  about 8 - 10 years ago . . . lol

yes, I recognized you, great poem, and lovely photo...

thank you so much my dear friend . . .  blessings


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