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MICHAEL Roads MUSINGS (26. 2. 2020):
I guess the spread of the coronavirus was inevitable. I read today that it is rapidly spreading throughout Europe, and that Australia and the U.S. have plans ready for a pandemic. It is considered that a global pandemic is a 'when', not an 'if.' 
Okay, let's look at this metaphysically. Everything is energy. Each person is a field-of-energy which is strictly under our control. We are creators. We can each lift the frequency of our energy-field, or we can lower it. Love lifts our energy, fear lowers it. 
Quite honestly, without 'mass' fear there could not be a pandemic. It is an unpalatable fact that most of humanity is fear-full. All these people will be at risk, and a mask will make no difference whatsoever. When we move into fear, we lower our energy and become open to dis-ease, meaning not-at- ease. Dis-ease is the opposite of harmony. You cannot have true harmony — which is balance in life — and have dis-ease. Obviously the announcement of an inevitable pandemic will be met with an escalation of fear and stress. 
For a long time we have been very subtly taught to fear. It happens with the many messages of why we should vaccinate, of how we should protect ourselves from the 'killer' sun, of how we should lock our doors and windows each night, and so it goes until we are completely indoctrinated with seemingly valid reasons for stress and fear. 
In this way we have slowly but surely lowered the overall energy-field of the human species. If you live without fear — and some do — then you are an exception to this overall scenario.
I am very clearly stating to you that if you follow the masses you are in trouble. I will not be. Obviously, you have to make this choice for yourself, or, you allow the media and mass hysteria to make it for you. Think about this carefully and act accordingly. If you think that I am irresponsible for writing this, then you have already made your choice.
My choice is Loving self, Loving life, and Loving humanity.
In these times I cannot over emphasise the rapidly growing need to CONSCIOUSLY choose . . . UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 

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I totally agree with you!

Yes, I am not catching this disease, nor any other one and if I do , I will deal with it, without any fear attached to it, because I do not fear anything. 

And that is why I would not catch it, in the first place.


But yes, we have to choose Unconditional Love, not love based in any conditions...

We, the lovers, are the ones that profit by it, therefore, the more we love the more we profit!!!

∼ Very well expressed, Carmen Elsa! I agree with You:-) ∼ One could add Loving mindfulness and Harmony out of duality are so much needed in this world ∼  


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