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Let's hear from the members: What is your reason to be vegetarian?


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I have chosen to be vegan for the animals, because I respect every one of them, but also for the environment and for my own health.  

Eating is more than ever a celebration of the life! 

"Our treatment of animals is important to our own internal state. If we are to expand our horizons, to grow to understand what the relatedness of each and every thing means, then our love and appreciation of all life is essential. Our respect and reverence for all living things will be reflected in our own living." - Bill Schul



There is a photo taken at the Gentle Barn. Do you know this awesome place? As you love animals, you will surely love to discover it... (this text is taken from their facebook page)

The Gentle Barn rescues, rehabilitates and gives sanctuary to severely abused animals. Then kids interact with the animals to learn kindness, compassion and confidence. 15825 Sierra HWY Santa Clarita, CA 91390
Teaching people kindness and compassion to animals, each other, and our planet.
The Gentle Barn Foundation is home to 135 animals rescued from abuse. 

The Gentle Barn is host to abused children, kids recovering from substance abuse, kids on probation, foster kids, and children and adults with mental, emotional, and physical challenges.

Through the interaction with animals, the kids learn forgiveness, courage, strength, leadership skills, trust, empathy, and kindness. The healing that takes place when the kids get together with the animals is miraculous.


Facebook page:


I didn't know Gentle Barn. I'm very touched by this project.

Thanks +++ Isabelle.

Compassion, Love and Peace for all Beings ans especially animals ans anyone form of life which is abuses or badly treated.

This to all of you who are here in this forum.... 

Our highest selves ....are like flowers.  We come upon this earth to participate in all the fullness & glory we have inherited leave the darkened womb of regeneration in which we came here and burst upon the majesty of the Creator's workspace, to encounter it anew, to grow into it with beauty and tenderness always abounding with us. 

Of course there were moments when our bodies grew cold ....and pain was inflicted upon us [for we have inherited a world wrought by all the other flowers that abound around us.... but always there accompanied us a renewing energy, and fed by morning dew, an arising hope and prayer.

We sought to take upon us all the pain that that We had caused ....and because it was more than one could bear ....we sought to engage it as a larger One ....and so learned to walk the sacred path. Our joy was not so personal that only we could share in it .....and we inclined as never before towards the Divine.

Ahh, my brothers and sisters, only pray that they who know this path stay the course and beam the pure essence that our children will seek .....for they are the future nation we are becoming ....the Children of the Earth, the Rainbow Warriors! 

Thanks for your message, Stephen.

I feel your sweet energy and implication in your message.

Thanks for being who you are.
Love and Peace for you and all Beings.

my first initial reason was to help my deteriorating health at the of 31. It wasnt about animal love and compassion for them, that I learned gradually from day one of a change.

vegan diet had improved my health in body and mind.

go vegan

Hello there,

Our path of nutrition transformation began as a child extremely sensitive to all strong stimuli, including those who arrived through food of animal origin, which caused our poor health and the appearance of various childhood diseases. In the age of 30 we became vegetarian, and after five years, start to live as a vegan for the last 24 years. All the mentioned phases occurred in us semi-consciously, as a gradual rememberance of our deeper nature which is obscured by the customs that rule in the society in which we live.

The practice of meditation has revealed to us the deeper purpose of vegetarianism / veganism, a purpose that is reflected in the spontaneous respect of all life forms that exist on planet Earth, and the responsibility for the lives and well-being of those beings who are below the level of human development.


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