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The Etheric layer lies close to the human body approximately half an inch wide (1.3cms). It is usually grey, white or blue in colour. Its vibrancy indicates strong or weak health. It
is primarily connected to the Base or Kundilini chakra (life force). It is the
most easily seen auric layer or etheric field. This field can also be seen
around trees, plants, animals and even inanimate objects such as furniture. A
white or black background will often highlight the etheric field.

The Emotional body lies beyond the etheric field and extends to one to three inches (8cms.). It is strongly connected to the pelvic chakra. It contains, when healthy, beautiful,
bright blobs of energy and colour. These primary colours are emitted as the
emotions change.


The Mental body lies beyond the emotional body and is composed of clear yellow, green or blue colours when healthy. It indicates the thoughts and attitudes of the person. It
is connected to the solar plexus chakra and extends three to eight inches
(19cms) out from the body.


The Astral body lies beyond the mental body and is closely connected to the heart chakra. It is full of beautiful pastel colours such as pinks and blues when healthy and unblocked.
It extends up to one foot (30cms.) from the body and indicates your capacity
for conditional and unconditional love.


The Etheric template layer lies beyond the astral field and is a type of x-ray or blueprint of the physical body. Illness or blocks can be observed and treated in this field and
this is relayed to the physical body. It extends one to two feet (60cms.) from
the body. This field is connected to the throat chakra. It is usually observed
as grey/blue in colour.


The Celestial body is the sixth auric field and extends two to three feet (90cms.) from the body. It is connected to the third eye chakra and is filled with mother of pearl colours
and energies. It is the layer through which you can experience spiritual

The Causal body or Ketheric template is connected to the crown chakra and is a type of photographic negative of the mental and spiritual aspects of the person. It is
usually filled with golden shimmering light and is surrounded by a gold or
silver halo or outer rim of protection. It extends from three feet to four feet
(130cms.) outwards from the person.



Aura colours change depending on your health, mood, spiritual connected-ness etc. The most common colours seen around people and their various meanings are listed below:


PINK love, femininity, unconditional love, pregnancy

MAROON life work, vocation, ambition

DARK RED anger, hate, violence, passion

BRIGHT RED passion, life energy, vitality

ORANGE ambition, vitality, creativity, artistry

ORANGE RED sexuality, energy

YELLOW joy, purity, happiness, optimistic

GREEN intellect, nature connection, interest

DIRTY GREEN envy, spite, illness, jealousy

BLUE teacher, spiritual feelings, higher connection 

PURPLE ideals, deep spiritual interests

GREY depression, tiredness, illness, addictions, lack of spiritual connection

BLACK extreme illness, addictions, close to death

SILVER strong connection to Godforce, angels, unconditional love, Master qualities

GOLD connection to Godforce, purity

" My auras are all clear, healthy and pulsating with beautiful bright lights. This is reflected in my mind, emotions, body and spirit."


7th. Base chakra at perineum (felt at spine base) also known as the KUNDILINI or sleeping serpent. Colour red. Affects the adrenal system, the spine, the kidneys and represents
your individual life force and energy.

6th. Pelvic chakra at pelvis area. Colour orange. Affects the gonads, reproductive system, influences your sexuality, artistry and creativity.

5th. Solar Plexus chakra at stomach area. Colour yellow. Affects the nervous system, emotions, influences your will power issues, ( can make you overly submissive or overly

4th. Heart chakra at chest area. Colours green and pink. Affects heart, lungs, circulation, thymus gland, influences your personal love and unconditional love issues.

3rd. Throat chakra at throat area. Colour Blue. Affects thyroid gland, vocal and bronchial areas, influences your communication issues.

2nd. Third eye chakra at brow area, colour purple, affects pituitary gland, eyes, ears, brain, influences your psychic abilities.

1st. Crown chakra at top of head. Colour white. Affects pineal gland, upper brain, influences your connection with Higher Spiritual aspects and God.




Above the crown chakra at the top of the head, are six known major chakras. They connect you with the higher dimensions, such as the Akashic Records and ultimately the Divine Spirit
and the Spiritual Void beyond.


This chakra is connected to your crown chakra by a silver chord of light and is approximately 7cms above your head. It is a beautiful, rich magenta colour (purple/red). Your personal
Guides and your Higher Self can be reached through the opening and use of this
chakra. Your personal Guides are angelic beings who come in to give you
support, love and guidance at different stages of your life. Some remain with
you throughout your entire life. Most people will have a female and male guide.



The Aqua Level is above that of the Magenta Level and contains Higher Beings that deal with emotional and all other aspects of Healing. This level is also linked to the oceans, seas
and the moon of Earth. Aquala Awala and Lady Kwan Yin
(see Masters List at end of chapter), often work from this level helping to
heal Humanity and the Earth. It is beneficial for Healers to connect with this
level and work with these energies. When healing yourself or others mentally
surround yourself in this aqua healing light.



The Pearlescent level is above that of Aqua and contains unlimited information (commonly known as the Akashic Records or Universal Consciousness). Knowledge from all places and
times are stored here in the various Halls of Learning e.g. the Hall of Music,
houses knowledge from Early Lemurian Music to present day Rock Music. This
level is also linked to psychic exploration of our Solar System. This can be
achieved by astral travelling from this level.



The Silver Level is above that of the Pearlescent and is the usual residing place of the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha etc. On this
level the Christ Consciousness Grid can be accessed. This is a Divine Energy
Grid that encircles the Earth. As your spiritual consciousness grows this level
becomes more accessible. Here you can easily link your soul body with that of
others, increase your manifestation skills and send healing to your loved ones
and the planet Gaia.



The Gold Level is above that of the Silver Level and represents the Divine Spirit, Universal Life Force. All creation emerges from this level. The Archangels move between the
Silver and Gold Levels. All things are One on this level and it can be accessed
for short periods of time as your spiritual understanding grows.



This chakra level is beyond that of the Gold Level and is known as the Void (the Nirvana of Old) and represents Pre Creation. This is the Level where all energy rests before being
brought to the Gold Level for creation. During meditation this level is often
accessed. It gives a feeling of just Being, (a warm, velvet, black), a
womb-like existence


Meditation to Link with Higher Chakras


1. Close your eyes and relax for several minutes. Ask your Guides to help you with this exercise. Protect yourself in an auric egg of gold light.

2. First of all begin to visualise the seven chakras in the body and slowly work up to the Crown Chakra. Visualise and feel the red base chakra, then the orange pelvic chakra, then the
yellow solar plexus chakra, then the green heart chakra, then the blue throat
chakra, then the purple third eye chakra and finally the white crown chakra.
All these body chakras open front and rear.

3. Now visualise a silver chord extending up from your crown chakra into infinity. This is your silver chord which attaches you to the Higher Dimensions. Gently send your
consciousness up the silver chord, just a few centimetres, until you reach a
beautiful magenta coloured chakric light.

4. Enter into that magenta light and find yourself in a beautiful magenta coloured room. This is the level of your Higher Self and your paranormal skills begin here. Bathe in the magenta
light for several minutes.

5. Now gently send your consciousness up the silver chord, just a few centimetres till you reach a beautiful aqua coloured chakric light. Enter into that aqua light and find
yourself in a beautiful aqua coloured room. This is the level of Healing for
yourself and others. Here the Healing Masters often reside. Bathe in the aqua
light for a minute or two.

6. Now gently send your consciousness up the silver chord, just a few centimetres till you reach a beautiful pearlescent coloured chakric light. Enter into that pearlescent light
and find yourself in a beautiful pearlescent coloured room. This is the level
of the Akashic Records, Universal knowledge for yourself and others. Here the
Teaching Masters often reside. Bathe in the pearlescent light for several

7. Now gently send your consciousness up the silver chord, just a few centimetres till you reach a beautiful silver coloured chakric light. Enter into that silver light and find
yourself in a beautiful silver coloured room. This is the level of the Ascended
Masters and the Cosmic Grid, knowledge and Manifestation skills for yourself
and others. Here the Ascended Masters such as Jesus,
Buddha, Krishna and
the Archangels, such as Michael, often
reside. Bathe in the Silver light for a few minutes.

8. Now gently send your consciousness up the silver chord, just a few centimetres till you reach a beautiful gold coloured chakric light. Enter into that gold light and find
yourself in a beautiful gold coloured room. This is the level of the Divine
Spirit or Creator, where all creation is brought forth. Bathe in the eternal
Love and Light of the gold Creator energy for a minute or two.

9. Finally send your consciousness up the silver chord, just a few centimetres till you reach a beautiful warm black coloured chakric light. Enter into that black velvetness
and find yourself in a beautiful black womb-like room. This is the level of the
Void or Nirvana, a resting place of warmth and love, before creation commences.
Enjoy the restful feeling for a few minutes.


10. Now it is time to gently come down the silver chord and through the different chakric layers. Down through the gold Level, down through the silver level, down through the
pearlescent level, down through the aqua level, down through the magenta level,
into the Crown, down to the third eye, down to the throat, down to the heart,
down to the solar plexus, down to the pelvic and down to the base chakra.

11. Allow any excess energy to pass out through the soles in your feet. Come back into consciousness.

Thank your Guides for their help. Send Love out to the world


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You are most welcome dear one Love and Light Malang

Mr.Elzion said:
Hello Malang.
I have never heard about Black Chakra.Make sense.There are yet 5 "lower" Chakras beneath our feet.1.Earth Star.2.Dolphin Matrix.3.Inner Earth Cities.4.Whale Matrix.5.Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.
I love this things!My favorite playground.Like a child in the sand :)

Thank you for the will and effort to shear informations!


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