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Greed and selfishness are destroying the planet

Greed and selfishness are destroying the planet. The rich are getting richer and the poor are left behind. Business as usually is consuming fossil fuel at accelerating rates, poisoning our air, our water, and our land. Greed is aggressive selfishness, without concern for life on this planet. Unimaginable numbers of animals, large and small, are dying by fire in the massive bush fires in Australia, and many fish and whales are dying from massive amounts of plastic polluting the oceans. This is happening in large part due to global warming and greed. Big business and big government don’t seem to care. Everything and everyone are intricately interconnected in myriad seen and unseen ways. These interconnections are bonds. They unite us as relatives. Are we taking good care of our relatives? It seems we are going backwards, at least according to the news. Let’s do an about face, and propel love and compassion to go viral.
- Barry Kerzin

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Comment by Eva Libre on January 8, 2020 at 6:17am

Thank you, Ven. Barry.

I feel we need to do this actively, online and in person. To keep our courage up and running. In the words of a friend, >> Do not feel powerless. It is not helpful to yourself or anyone else. Each of us can do at least one action this week and the following weeks to make an impact. Give the positive collective consciousness more courage to be effective and to not give up. Have confidence that positive actions like giving and supporting those in need are forms of not surrendering to hopelessness. Acknowledging the world’s crisis and not turning away is a form of courage and strength. Connect to the power and strength of micro actions and being consistent in doing them. This will give you courage and you will be able to carry the collective burden of our world’s crises with bravery.

- Louise Rodd

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