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Message Ceenom -- The Final Truth

Wisdom of supreme significance relating science and humanity is getting revealed exposing mysteries behind everything from a tiny particle to a mighty galaxy. It is a most serious, profound phase that discloses with logical evidence the cause-effect basis of why humans stand distinct with intellect from the rest of the innumerable species, why the Earth exists with its myriad species including us in its nature and ecology and is kept in the solar system with its lively habitat at the position, orbit and distance from the Sun, and why humankind is included in this earthly environment. It defines every branch of science at its foundation, provides proofs, prescribes guidance to be followed and establishes comprehensive educational system founded on fundamental principles. It has not reached humanity before. Though the rules of infinity are getting exposed, only a brief account is given.


All the Heads of Nations, Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers; all heads of UN bodies, the Secretary General and International Courts; all the religious heads and spiritual leaders, minority and religious organisations, thinkers and writers, rationalists and agnostics need to note this Message with utmost seriousness and sense of responsibility. The heads of universities and research centres, professors and scientists, mathematicians and psychologists, astronomers and space scientists, geologists and palaeontologists, and botanists and zoologists have to logically ponder upon this. All human rights officials and judges of courts, social reformers and visionaries must fulfil their obligation to the Revealing Wisdom. Such a phase has never happened before in human history, happens just once, and defines the entire stages of knowledge at the foundation. It is intricate, elusive, most important and extremely urgent.


To enter its extensive areas, a team of dedicated, highly competent intellects need to be formed immediately. More than 1000 surface and e-mails are being sent to carefully selected List of Addresses including all the Heads of Nations, Judiciary, UN, high-ranking universities, research centres, social and human rights organisations, renowned researchers, Nobel laureates, science journals and media all over the world. The websites, (besides C.C), several blogs, and science/social networks are used to publicise this. A communication of such significance, consequences and urgency has never been sent in history nor sent to such a wide list of reputed centres and individuals. The List of Addresses needs to be studied to realise the gravity and profundity of the Message. It is arranged into several highly condensed but infinitely sublime Chapters, Topics and Subjects. It is intended for most serious reading.

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