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Grape seed extract (OPC) — MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and Vitamine C truly are remarkable and precious nutrition supplements for our physical body with preventive and healing properties! ∼ 

Here two articles in english:

The Benefits of Pure Quality MSM Powder

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a compound that is obtained during the rain cycle of our planet and is present in many natural unprocessed foods. However, this nutrient is lost during cooking due to high temperatures. 

Recent research has shown MSM to be an effective anti-aging agent and not only that, it has numerous other benefits as well, some of which we will be discussing, so read on to find out more about MSMs health benefits.

It Improves Skin Complexion and Health

Collagen is the main structural protein of the numerous connective tissues in the human body. In order for your body to maintain and produce more collagen, it requires MSM. Loss of collagen is the main reason for wrinkly and saggy skin as well as cracked and dry skin. Collagen is responsible for working with Vitamin C to build and renew healthy tissues. MSM is vital for collagen normalization and for improving overall skin health. 

Helps Improve Joint Flexibility

Because of its collagen-producing and reinforcing properties, MSM is highly effective in improving joint tissue production. Moreover, it also facilitates growth of muscle tissues and flexible skin, leading to an overall better body flexibility. In mechanical terms, it lubricates the joint tissues and prevents them from wear and tear or rusting. 

Detoxification of the Body

You may have heard how detoxifying the body can help in ailment prevention and MSM is great at it. It makes your cells more permeable, meaning that it also contributes to the opening of gateways through your cells to allow easy flow of metabolic wastes and toxins. On the other hand it also facilitates hydration and bringing in essential nutrients throughout the body. Since MSM is a calcium phosphate dissolver, it has the amazing ability of breaking up the bad compounds in your body, preventing degenerative diseases.

Strengthens Hair and Nails

When it comes to the production of healthy nails and hair, collagen and keratin play the most important role in their development. This makes MSM a bonafide beauty mineral as it provides the necessary compound that spurs in the production of keratin and collagen, aka sulphur. If used consistently for two to three weeks, it can contribute a lot by giving exceptional strength and thickness to your hair and nails. MSM is helpful in the support and treatment of skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne and Dandruff.

Increased Recovery

Build-up of lactic acid in the muscles causes sore muscles and body pain. MSM helps get rid of waste products at the cellular level as it speeds up recovery time. This accelerated healing gives you more energy for getting back on track in less time; this is especially helpful for athletes or people with physically demanding jobs. 

Gives You More Natural Energy

Because MSM makes your cells more permeable, toxins are easily cleansed from the cells requiring your body to spend less energy for recovery. This ‘energy efficiency’ allows more energy to be available for other activities.

Our bodies spend about 70% to 80% of total energy on digestion every day. Due to MSMs nutrient absorption facilitation, the energy required to digest food is greatly reduced. 

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is actually the excess weight on the body due to the accumulation of the metabolic waste. The cells of the body get chronically inflamed and retain the by-products of the metabolic process. In order for these toxins to be removed the body requires the presence of sulphur. By removing these by-products from the body the cells can easily dispose of the fluids that had been stored in excess. This results in a natural and quite effective reduction of inflammation of any body parts.

Other Benefits of MSM

Scientists are beginning to discover more health benefits of sulphur, for example it helps support:

 - Reduction of allergic reactions

 - The body maintain a balanced pH

 - Reduction of asthma

 - Relief from muscular pain, headaches and cramps

 - Normal hormonal levels

 - Balanced blood sugar levels

 - Reduction in overall stress

It is best to consume pure quality MSM powder for maximum benefits as low quality MSM will not give you the required beneficial results.

Taking MSM together with Vitamine C may reinforce the effect of MSM.

By Jessica Sanders - Retail Manager for New Zealand Health Food Company.


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