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This is from me to my sister…

I share this not for you to worry about us…

But…for you to see how even in good times, things can be hard…

So this is the love of a brother to his sister, in reference to her and a child of her…

I pray not only will this be taken for what it is…but…that the true life and feelings can never be put into words that truly mean what it is that makes us/you care and love another so much…

And this also should show the true meaning of love of our Father and how we should return that love out of pure love and respect…


Remember this Sister...we are but loaned to this life...all of us have our place in life's journey...this is but one step toward our true purpose and those that are born of us so to shall rejoin All that have walked before and all that walk today, and if we are allowed another sunrise so to will they join us as well...Children are what we allow ourselves to understand...but remember we to are His as are they and when we have done all that He has desired those we call ours to know from us...they move forward no matter if it is left or right, because in the end we truly see life cannot end it is but a moment in time and the clock never stops it only continues the circle of life...Sister...they will be as it is designed and nothing we may say will ever change what it is they feel and desire...Yes, times are hard now...but look before and before that and it will be understood we never could have made the path for them...only each one of us has our steps and they are numbered and until those steps are complete we must stay here and do as we were born to stop...kneel down...and let this will be as it should and that is not for you or I do condone nor justify of just is and He is the only I AM and in knowing this simple truth...All is going to be and we are going to continue to walk our path as does all others on this part of our human path...I love you Sister, and I am here, but it is not for me to come and involve self in Your life...only You can call out for me...and I will as always here you and come...I love you and all the family with everything within me that is good and just so these words are from self not from the sinful creature that I am as a man...When you were but a would come and seek never forget that I may have grown gray but I am as I was and that is always loving You…

Blessings always, until we share once more…

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