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At 12:54pm on August 24, 2020, Eva Libre said…

All the best, even today, for your birthday, dear Desmond. Hopefully you had celebrated a nice day in the circle of your family. Wish you much love, peace and health in your future life...time.. 

Much love, eva

At 8:39pm on August 22, 2020, Rosmarie Heusser said…

∼ A wonderful ∼ healthy ∼ lucky ∼ beautifully inspired Continuation Time to You, Desmond!∼ ∼ ∼

At 4:10pm on August 22, 2020, Luna Arjuna said…

At 4:08pm on August 22, 2020, Luna Arjuna said…

Dear Desmond, i wish you a lot of joy ~ today and always ~
and the LIGHTness of BEiNG ~
in the deep sense of being guided ~ forever ~ by LiGHT and LOVE.

At 4:36pm on January 16, 2020, Carmen Elsa Irarragorri-Wyland said…

Welcome to the group "Science and New discoveries", Desmond!

At 11:21am on August 22, 2019, Eva Libre said…

Have a nice day!

At 10:00pm on January 1, 2019, Eva Libre said…

Happy New Year Desmond !

At 7:22pm on August 22, 2018, Eva Libre said…

Happy Birthday Desmond! The greeting comes a little late but he comes. I wish you much health, love, happiness, and everything that is so dear to you for your new year.


At 5:35pm on March 29, 2018, Luna Arjuna said…

I wish you a happy Easter!

At 7:57pm on December 9, 2015, Ann said…

Merci Desmond et joyeux anniversaire

At 11:21pm on August 22, 2014, Eva Libre said…

Hi Desmond, wish you a very happy birthday!

Best wishes, Eva.

At 2:14pm on June 21, 2014, Ana said…

So good this video and the lyrics so suitable for our times...

At 1:41pm on June 21, 2014, Ana said…

Hi, Desmond. Yes;  I wrote the poem in Spanish, but I´ll do my best to translate it into English, or perhaps, i have already done it. I´ll search and see.



At 11:44am on September 19, 2013, David Rendle said…

Hey Des,

Have you seen/heard of any of these?

At 7:44pm on August 23, 2013, Rosmarie Heusser said…

Your welcome!  Me too, I am striving to keep on 'shining through'..  

At 9:04am on August 22, 2013, Rosmarie Heusser said…

 A very lucky and sunny next year of your life to You, Desmond! - 

May there shine more and more Lighthouses (I like that symbol) all over the world -  

At 11:41pm on August 14, 2013, Nany said…

 _ / ♥ \ _

At 7:22pm on August 14, 2013, leonardo martin said…

At 8:44pm on August 9, 2013, Rosmarie Heusser said…

Yes,..nice words; I am reassured :-)  thank You. 

At 8:56pm on August 8, 2013, Rosmarie Heusser said…

Dear Friend, tell me when I am wrong, but I am missing your self-esteem in this two little sentences you posted in the group 'Peace Poetry'! - 

Why do You believe that old stuff of dust and rust, knowing that You are a part of Spirit/God coming from the Light and returning once into it? - 

It 's obviously worldwide a time of self-empowerment. One can observe it in the news, how X thousands of people are risking there lives every day in these battles between the old and new energy (thinking).

As it has been told, it is also the time now of finding and allowing to manifest our own light and colors. It can't be said enough: "You are beautiful! We all are really beautiful in our own ways - and we surely aren't dust and rust. -  

I wish You an uplifting time :-)  

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