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  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    55 members Latest Activity: Jan 16

    let us remember the man who had a dream....

    At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.

    - Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Holidays

    48 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2016

  • Artodyssey

    36 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2016

    Artodyssey is a place where you can share your creative thoughts with us.

  • Mahatma Gandhi « Bapu »

    55 members Latest Activity: Feb 18

    Nonviolence, Peace and Tolerance. One of the best ways to remember Gandhi's memory is what Gandhi himself said: "The best way to find yourself is…

  • Amazing stories

    47 members Latest Activity: Jun 12, 2016

    If you have experienced an incredible story or incident connected with our lineage or practice, or Your private life, if you have something…

  • Twin Souls reunited

    36 members Latest Activity: Aug 3, 2015

    What's the most important starting point for a twin soul reunion? How do we prepare ourselves for it? It begins with the desire to love yourself…

  • India in my soul

    57 members Latest Activity: Sep 16, 2016

    India in my Soul invites you to share all of your spiritual thoughts and experiences. To feel God's presence for access our own spiritual garden…

  • Art of Meditation

    38 members Latest Activity: Sep 14, 2016

    This is a place where you can run to rest your mind, calm your thoughts and just try to develop a time for yourself. Please feel free to…

  • The One State Solution

    11 members Latest Activity: Nov 20, 2014

    This group is for everyone who believes that a single, democratic, binational state is the only sustainable answer to the conflict between the…

  • Music Lovers

    43 members Latest Activity: Mar 5

    Music is our ancient common language. Share the music you love and the music you make, that moves and inspires you, changed your life or saved it,…

  • MY inner light FOR TIBET

    78 members Latest Activity: Jan 18

    We love Tibet, Tibetan music, Tibetan buddhism, Tibetan culture and nature

  • Mother Nature and disability

    29 members Latest Activity: Jul 14, 2016

    Here I would like to create a place for people with physical or mental problems. People who have the will and Courage to tell about themselves

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