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the kings nightmare


    There was once a rich and powerful king who ruled a large and prosperous kingdom. When threats of invasion from a neighbouring warlike kingdom came to the king, then he was worried.. so worried that he did not sleep well and when he did he had terrible dreams.. One night he had the most dreadful of nightmares and when he woke he was shaking and sweating and most distressed. His deepest fears were made totally real to him in such a way that he no longer knew whether the waking…


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buddhas bowl


Once when the Buddha was walking though a town with some of his followers some of  the local people

were jeering. That is making fun of the group and insulting them. The Buddha completely ignored these people but some of his followers were affected by it.

Later when they stopped to rest in the evening one of the disciples asked the Buddha about how it was that he seemed unaffected by the jeering and catcalls earlier in the day. Buddha took his own bowl and pushed it…


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pursuing the 'greater good'


When we pursue the 'greater good' as individuals or as a society the means are just as vital as the ends. The end never justifies the means. If we abandon our core principals and commit atrocities in the name of Peace for safety or survival then we have left behind the very things that make us worthy of Peace safety and survival. A monster that devours in the name of Peace is still a monster.



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letter from prem rawat

    When I first started talking about peace, I was four years old. My father, who brought this message to people in India, passed away when I was eight and I continued his work of bringing this message of peace throughout India. When I was twelve I was invited to England and then to America. Since then I have been continuously travelling around the world.


    For fifty years I have been talking to people about this human potential,

that peace is the core of…


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peace starts here and citizens of the earth

this is worth a listen taking 1min of your time.


and if it means something to you i would think you would like this one..



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jesus christ saviour by klaus kinski

worth the watch .. 7mins..

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from belief to knowledge


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then stay with me

for i am not.



a thousand naked

amorous ones dwell

in the caves beneath my eyelids. 



   here is a pick,    

my whole body is an emerald

that begs 'Take me.'


Write all that worries you on a piece of parchment;

offer it to God.

Even from the distance of a…


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i have come into this world to see this:



I have come into this world to see this:   

the sword drop from men's  hands even at the height of their arc of anger  

because we have finally realized there is just one flesh to wound

and it is His - the Christ's, our Beloved's.


I have come into this world to see this: all creatures hold hands as we pass thru' this miraculous

existence we share on the way to even a greater being of soul,

a being of ecstatic…


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the living matrix

..                       ; .



this is presented as a healing documentary.. remote healing in particular.. for those…


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making space for ourselves to be.


Sometimes our thoughts have a need to turn to our heartfelt feelings. In my experience the heartfelt feeling never ever has a need to turn to  our thoughts.


A person that never bothers to discover the feeling heart within will easily be bored. They require distraction to alleviate the boredom and hence the popularity of TV, mobile phones etc.

Boredom appears only because we have made no room for ourselves to be and dwell in the heart.



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two wolves

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holy word


 i think its fair to say that Knowledge doesn't have much use for belief...

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14,000,000,000 years.

my friend put up this post on facebook and i thought it a good one to post here..

'been thinking that it is so easy to lose faith in the midst of all these truly terrifying and horrific events happening around the world. But its only through an extraordinary act of cosmic chance, so unfathomably unlikely its impossible to articulate, over the course of more than 14000000000 years, that we have even this opportunity to be alive, here, today. It is my…


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war and peace..... dark and light.

warmongers often say that we must go to war to achieve peace. this is not true. if we practise war it will bring more war and if we practise peace it will bring more peace. so the question is 'what is peace.' we all know what is war but what is peace?

Peace is a constant feeling that is to be found and discovered in the heart of all human beings.

To bring the light of peace into our lives means all darkness  is chased out automatically.



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domestic in muhammads compound one day there was a terrific row..very noisy with lots of shouting for a long time.

Everyone was concerned but no-one dared intrude to see if everything was ok. umar the friend of muhammad was called and when he heard the row he shouted  out loud of his arrival as he knocked on the door. When he entered he was surprised to see the prophet relaxed and laughing and laughing.. the wives had all disappeared to the next room and were silent.



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the solution



two minutes that tell how 'peace' is the solution to satisfy mind, body and soul....

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There are two kinds of peace in this world. There is one piece that is a formula. And there is one peace that has to be felt. The formula peace many people have. Some say 'i have peace. I've got a good family, I've got a good job, I've got a good house, so I am happy. I am fine.'

Ask a rich person, 'Do you have peace?' they say ' yes.. i have this i have that I have peace and i am ok.'

If you ask a monk,'Do you have peace?' they say 'yes i have peace because i do not…


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