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Music 4 Peace concert feat. Mahatma Gandhi's original voice

Like to tell you about my experience performing the "Gandhi Program" multi media live performance feat. Mahatma Gandhi's original voice and original film sequences
at the Music 4 Peace concert in the Himalaya in Nepal.

The concert was on Gandhi's Birthday after the war in Nepal, so I was not sure if Gandhi's message of Peace was welcomed (because India is like Nepal's big brother and competitor...) but we got the permission to do the concert and the Nepali audience was welcoming Gandhi's message of tolerance and peace.

In the live video you can see a poor street boy (there are many street kids in the Kathmandu valley), he came to sit on the stage and wile listening to the "Gandhi Program" he was falling to sleep. This touched my as I imagined that he was feeling home wile listening to my music.

The Gandhi Program
A special multi media performance using unreleased archival audio and video footage of Mahatma Gandhi. This Program comes with the blessing of Dr. Arun Gandhi, co-founder of the International Institute for Non-Violence and grandson of the late Mahatma Gandhi. 1001 Ways lunched the Gandhi Tour with the “Gandhi Program” at Earthdance Peace Festival in California.
1001 Ways world music project

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Comment by Joseph EagleBear Verrett on April 11, 2018 at 9:31pm

All leaders need to experience this true work of love from one to another...God is and it matters not by what you call for God is God and known by many names around the world...we need to stop and pray and ask for the true discernment that is needed to make all in love...we are brother to brother, sister to sister, brother to sister, human to human...for it matters not what you call me...I am still human...blessings always, until we share once more...

Comment by Eva Libre on April 11, 2018 at 9:27pm

Thank you for sharing with us your rich experiences and your beautiful performance. :)

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