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World Refugees day June 20th 2017

We Refugees A poem by Benjamine Zephaniah

I come from a musical place

Where they shoot me for my song

And my brother has been tortured

By my brother in my land.

I come from a beautiful place

Where they hate my shade of skin

They don’t like the way I…


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International Women's Day

International Women's Day: Meet the grannies going to school

Satyaki Ghosh

Every afternoon, the grandmothers of Phangane village…


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Warm welcome for Syrian refugees to Ireland

Roscommon shop owner Mary Gallagher has impressed Irish people on social media with her warm welcome to Syrian refugees (Picture: RTÉ Player)

A ROSCOMMON woman has won plaudits from across Ireland for her welcoming approach…


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Hineni, Hineni!

With gratitude to Peter Krones who says:


My friends, this rabbinical commentary on Leonard Cohen's final song, his life, surrender (Hineni) and the human condition is profound, heartfelt and moving. I hope you will spend time with it.

If you haven't heard the title song to his final collection, written…


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"Water Lilies," 1895 by Isaac Levitan

"Everywhere transience is plunging into the depths of Being… It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again,…


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Dire Straits - Iron Hand

Dire Straits were an English rock band, formed in 1977 by Mark Knopfler, David Knopfler, John Illsey and Pick Withers. This amazing song Iron Hand was released on the album On every street in 1991. It relates to the Battle of Orgreave during the UK miners' strike.


with all the clarity of dream

the sky…


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During a drought, a woman in Wyoming filled her mouth with water and lay down quietly. A hummingbird is drinking from her gift.…


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"The mind is like tofu. It tastes like whatever you marinate it in."

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"Meditation is not a matter of trying to achieve ecstasy, spiritual bliss, or tranquility, nor is it attempting to be a better person. It is simply the creation of a space in which we are able to expose and undo our neurotic games, our self-deceptions, our hidden fears and hopes."



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I want to give thanks

Photo : Ernst Haas

I want to give thanks to the divine

Labyrinth of causes and effects

For the diversity of beings

That form this singular universe,

For Reason, that will never give up its dream

Of a map of the labyrinth,



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"What to the Slave is 4th of July?"

James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech

In a Fourth of July holiday special, we begin with the words of Frederick Douglass. Born into slavery around 1818, Douglass became a key leader of the abolitionist movement. On July 5, 1852, in Rochester, New York, he gave one of his most famous…


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The Mursi Tribe people of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Natural Fashions of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Hans Silvester's lifelong dedication to investigating our world, capturing and promoting the most intimate, and perhaps enigmatic, of organic phenomena, has led the German-born artist down a number of career paths, including forays into journalism, philanthropy and environmental activism. Born in Lorrach,…


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nice to meet you

these are my roots

I am proud…


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Yoko Ono is 81 years old today.


A Japanese artist and peace activist, Ono is known for her marriage to John Lennon (1969–1980) and her work in avant-garde art, music and filmmaking.

Ono brought feminism to the forefront in her music (which prefigured New Wave music) and is also known for her philanthropic…


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Johnny was a good man…


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people are to be placed…


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10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America

By Mark Mason


July 16, 2013


- Imagine you have a brother and he’s an alcoholic. He has his moments, but you keep your distance from him. You don’t mind him for the occasional family gathering or holiday. You still love him. But you don’t want to be around him. This is how I lovingly describe my current relationship with the United States. The United States is my alcoholic brother. And although I will always love him, I don’t want to be near him at the…


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Royale vocal power - The 20th Death of Freddie Mercury


Freddie Mercury was with his charisma and his three and a half-octave voice of every audience cast its spell. On 24 November 1991 he died of AIDS.




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I don’t belong here…

not on this earth!

I want to fly back where I came from.

I want to go around the earth,

find the spot where I belong and

live simply



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Anna Hazare's fight for change has inspired millions of Indians


The arrest of the anti-corruption campaigner has brought people from all walks of life together to demand an end to the old ways




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