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Adele - Rolling In The Deep  



Naomi - Dragon Tree
Ever felt that life is a long and steep road, a neverending fist fight against an invincible opponent, a romance against all odds? Well, so does the hero in the video for Dragon Tree, the brilliantly catchy new single by Berlin synth-pop outfit NAOMI. No, make that two heroes - Bernd Lechler and Nico Tobias have a habit of doing everything together, so for the first time in pop video history all members of a band are taking turns playing the main character. And what a day the guy has to survive, involving getting fired, beaten, wet, lost, and knocked out. And when he attempts to regain his pride by trying to get drunk, stoned and laid (in no particular order) at night, the results are mixed, if foreseeable. Quite unlike the place he comes to in the morning, which is higher than he thought he might get. At least he's not alone. Or is he? It's never been easy to climb the Dragon Tree.




Imelda May - Mayhem
"I'm over the moon with how Mayhem has turned out - I hope people enjoy it. I feel I've made the album I wanted that reflects the spectrum of all my influences from music past but is a record firmly in the here & now".




Be Steady
This is the first single from The Grand Opening's new album "In The Midst Of Your Drama", released on November 5th 2010. The video is directed by Ola Fredholm.




Harrys Gym - Old Man
Sometimes sugary powder, sometimes psychedelic, always beautiful floating: Harry's Gym in Norway know what they want to do with the pop can do. The pop that Harry's Gym on "What Was Ours Can not Be Yours" produced expected, ever more elaborate as kitschy, and when Anne Lise Frøkedal with her gossamer voice a little psychedelic wave starts to move, they float rather than to at some point but threateningly to roll over.




Keren Ann - My name is trouble  




Moriarty - Isabella
Isabella, extrait du nouvel album de Moriarty "The Missing Room" Clip réalisé par Fred Poulet




Chinawoman - Lovers are Strangers

russian jewish party girl - restaurant-nostalgia




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War photographers Broomberg and Chanarin


What looks harmless, was created in the war in prison


The Red House

by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin


The Red House is a series of 27 photographs of wall drawings and graphic marks made by Kurdish prisoners held in the former headquarters of Saddam Hussein’s Ba'athist party. After the 1991 Kurdish uprising this notorious place of incarceration and torture remained as a monument to the brutality of war.


Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin are visual storytellers, and The Red House is as much a curatorial and political work as it is a photographic one. The photographs appear to be dispassionate, artless, even forensic representations. Isolated and unique in the frame, there is no other visual information other than the “art” made by imprisoned Kurds. It is a poignant document of the prisoners’ individual creativity amidst the loneliness, fear, endless boredom, and ultimate horror of incarceration. These pictures will forever serve as evidence that pushed to unbearable extremes, the human spirit can, remarkably, manage to find its way to creativity, borne of the will to leave behind some sort of mark that might outlast the harsh realities of conflict.


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