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June 2013 Blog Posts (8)

Integral Christianity (A Review)

Paul R. Smith

Integral Christianity : The Spirit’s Call to Evolve

(St Paul, MN: Paragon House, 2011, 381pp)


         Paul R. Smith has written a lively reminder that in all religious traditions “there are many mansions” and that the role of faith is to unite and enlarge rather than to divide and build wall of defense.  Paul Smith has been a pastor of a Southern Baptist church in Kansas City, Missouri as well as teaching in Protestant seminaries elsewhere…


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For Harmony

Harmony, the term derived of harmonia of the Greek, symbolizes of agreement, concord or to join. The spirit in the root of the word harmony is to fit together, to join others for common cause, to work together for general welfare, or the common good. In the Indian perspective it is Sauhard or Sadbhavana, a means to connect people by heart to pave the way to work together. It is, thus, inevitable for existence and development, particularly for the reason that it emerges…


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The Faiths of the Past

The Faiths of the Past and the Challenges of the Future: The Start of Interfaith Efforts


Rene Wadlow


         There has always been interaction and borrowing of ideas among spiritual and religious groups.  Early Christianity took ideas and rituals from the Jewish milieu of its early members including its founder, Jesus.  However, ideas from the mystical traditions of the Middle East and Greece were…


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The Hero and the Goddess (A review)

Jean Houston

The Hero and the Goddess

(Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2009, 470pp)


            Homer’s Odyssey is a journey through personal transformation to wholeness.  During this journey, there is an interplay between the masculine and feminine principles.  Masculine and feminine principles are part of the psyche shared by both sexes.  In fact, as the masculine principle dominates in many societies, the masculine dominates in many women as well as men, and…


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Flood in Germany

Water is very important,

but, now we have floods on the Elbe, many people have big problems. The water destroyed villages and towns. People are desperate.

Link: Floods on the Elbe



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Freedom From Fear

                                   Freedom From Fear : For All The Citizens of The World

                                                                       René Wadlow *



            When President Franklin Delano  Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States (1933-1945) in his January 6, 1941 State of the Union address  to Congress presented the “Four Freedoms”, much of the world was at war: German troops were advancing  in Europe as were…


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An other little Zen Dialogue

"Master, what is the most important question? " 

"It is the one, you ask with mouth closed." - 

'Waiting for the procession of the emperor', Japan 1951  (Werner…


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Capacity-Building Programmes for Social Sciences Teachers

The theme capacity-building programmes for social sciences teachers is quite important and significant involving four focal points –capacity-building, teachers, social sciences and programmes. It categorically calls for necessity of those specific programmers, which should be initiated or the steps that can be taken to capacity-building of teachers-educators associated with various disciplines in social sciences. That is why; I have already started with my pre-observation of the theme by…


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