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Greetings to you all Friends and Family,


Here we are, standing before the inevitable . . . CHANGE !!!  Many people from all over are coming together with a certain commonality . . .  The New Year. We offer to each other the best of our Wishes, Prayers, Intent and Love. I am Grateful !


I would like to just take this moment in time to speak with you about our own Greatness . . .  Individually . . . and of course “Collectively”. This year we have witnessed many movements come about . . .  some for Good . . .  and some not so. The prevailing aspect of being of “One Mind”, is there is Power. We are witnessing that in such things as the 99% Movement; The 2012 Prophecies; World Healing, World Peace 2012 Movement and unfortunately the War, Famine, Suffering and Strife experienced across this Planet. But . . .  perhaps this is also a part of the “Perfect Balance” of Creation in that such things do elevate our consciousness and propel us to “Change”! This is a good thing i think; not the suffering, but the mere “Possibility” that we will awaken as a collective and employ our power to effectuate this “Quickening” to Change.


So this is my intent on a personal level based upon what i believe i have learned thus far in my life.


*          If i have it to Give . . .  i will

*          May i be Clear in my Intent for Goodness

*          May i continue without reservation to express my Goodness

*          May i always seek to see the Love and Light in my Brothers and Sisters

*          May i understand that “My Way” is just that MY WAY !

*          And Finally for me . . .  May i preface all aspects of my Life with Love.

*          May you have a wonderful and Wonder Filled New Year of Joy, Peace, Love and Harmony

*          May Each Moment of Goodness upon the path you travel transform into the Eternal

*          May you be clear and Understand that YOU are a Magnificent and Essential Element of Creation and Powerful beyond our present Understandings.

*          May your Inner Child come out to Play . . .



Blessings of Love


‘just bill’

William S. Peters, Sr.


Inner Child

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