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Harmony, the term derived of harmonia of the Greek, symbolizes of agreement, concord or to join. The spirit in the root of the word harmony is to fit together, to join others for common cause, to work together for general welfare, or the common good. In the Indian perspective it is Sauhard or Sadbhavana, a means to connect people by heart to pave the way to work together. It is, thus, inevitable for existence and development, particularly for the reason that it emerges as the basis of cooperation that is necessary for the purpose. It is, therefore, harmony that has been nuclei through the ages not only in ideas of right thinking people, but it has always been the foremost in their works. Efforts have always been made to create the atmosphere of harmony; thus, for broad cooperation. This process still continues and will be so in all times to come. People from the field of education –intelligentsia, professors, scholars and teachers in particular are through symposiums, seminars and talks are discussing and analyzing the various issues related to harmony and cooperation, which is, undoubtedly, praiseworthy. However, only analysis and discussions are not enough in this regard. Harmony cannot prevail taking it by this way only. Corers of people are still hungry all over the world. They have no means to survive well. So many of them are deprived of justice, freedom and equality; they have no opportunities to rise. In such a situation how important can be the harmony for them just in theoretical perspective? How can, thus, the talk of harmony be effective. Hence, when there are talks of harmony, or seminars and symposiums are organized to discuss and analyze this, it is necessary for organizers, or those who are really concerned of it that they must discuss the issues related to people’s hunger, freedom, equality in  opportunities, and justice. They must work for these simultaneously. It is needed and without it there is no concrete result in this regard.



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