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A Friend Gave Up To Day, 

She needs a  medical procedure that costs 5,000 dollars. In June she made the appointment for November first. She thought she could find some help, she went to the state and they said they don't help single people, she went to her church and they said they would pray for her and put in a new parking lot. She went to her friends and they said she would find a way and went back to there house, new car and wide screen tv. U see she like me lives in a van ( well I don't have a car any more because I gave it to a single mom that need it more then me). She gave up to day and will not do any thing and when she dies she dies and then maybe some one will do something, it may take them a while the cuple that died in the wallmat parking lot was not found until the smell was so bad people complained.  

If Jesus came back today he would just cry, and I don't think any church would except him, they do not follow, love and compassion, at least I never found it being both a Fe/male, we all have to be the same to be excepted, according to the church . So she just gave up. I did to at one point and went to the mountains to live of die I didn't care, but I found unconditional love and compassion and never went back to the way society lives, I teach and live on what donations I receive. 

Some thing to think about..............

Love and Light


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there is a lifelong thinking .....

Yea It a hard to see abused as a kid no one believes her, she moves in to her van and know one helps her. I teach meditation, yoga on a donation bases and I gave away my car a year ago and live on donations, any were I am I am. I try to help but people are so wrapped up in to them selves, you just have to love it all.Love and Light




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