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Frequently Asked Questions




What are tags?

Tags are a great way to categorize discussions, photos, and videos by their content. For example, if you start a discussion thread about your favorite summer vacation spots, you may want to tag it as "summer," "vacation" and "suggestions." You can mark an item with as many different tags as you want by clicking the "Tag" button in the toolbar next to the post on the item's detail page. You can delete a tag the same way.


How do I add or change my profile picture?

Click on "Change my photo" on your page underneath your profile photo - or - click on "My Settings" on the top right of any page. Browse and select a new photo. Click “Save” on the bottom of the page.


How do I edit my profile?  

Click on "My Settings" in the upper right hand corner of each page. Click "About me" on the top left. Edit profile answers and click "Save".


• Where do I check my friend requests?  

Click on the friend icon on top of the screen. A panel will pop down with 4 sections: "My Friends," "Received," "Sent," and "Blocked." Click on "Received" to approve or deny friend requests that have been sent to you.


• How do I send someone a private message?  

You can send a private message to your 'friends' on the network. Click on 'Send a message' underneath your friend's profile photo to send a private message. In order to send another member a message, you'll need to ask them to be your friend first.


• Where do I read and reply to my private messages?  

Click on the envelope icon on top of the screen. A panel will then drop down where you can compose messages and read messages you've received. Your options underneath the message will be to delete, save, reply, forward or close the message.


• Who can send me a private message on Peace for the Soul?  

To protect your privacy, only your friends can send you private messages on the platform. The Network Creator and Administrators can send you messages and you can message them back. Further, if you belong to any groups, the Group Creator and Adminstrator can get in touch with you.


• How do I write and read my messages?  

Click on the envelope icon on top of the screen. A panel will then drop down where you can compose messages and read messages you've received.


• How can I send private messages to more than one friend at once?  

Click on the "My Friends" link in the right hand column of the network. Next, click the link to "Send message to friends." You'll be able to select friends from your address book and write them messages from this page.


• How do I manage my email notifications?  

Click on "My Profile Settings" on the right of the screen. Click on "Email" on left. Select the most suitable settings.


My Page


What is a text box? What can I put in my text box?

A text box is a box to which you can add a variety of content. It's just another way to make your page your own! Simply click the "Edit" button in the top right corner of the text box on your My Page to get started.

How do I add embeddable code to a text box?

Most widget providers will give you "embeddable" code for their widgets. All you need to do is insert the code into the text box and click the save button. You can also embed any Ning network's slideshow, video, or music player widget into a text box.

How do I put photos into the text box?

If you're using a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer, you'll see an image upload icon above every text box. If you're hosting the photo on another site you can link to it here. First grab the URL of the image on another website (right-click the image, go to properties, and copy the URL) Next insert it into tags like this: Your image will now show up.




• How do I add photos? 

Click on the ‘Photos’ tab at the top. Upload photos from your computer, mobile phone or email account.


• How do I delete a photo?  

Click on the photo you want to delete to go to that photo's detail page. Click on ‘Delete’ link below the photo.


• How do I create my photo album?  

Click on ‘My Albums’ and then click on ‘Create an Album’. Add your photos and click "save" to see your photo album.


• How do I change the order photos show up in a slideshow?  

Create a photo album (see above). Inside your photo album choose the specific order of the photos. Click “save” to see your photo album. Click "view this slideshow" to see it full screen. You can also click the "Embed" button to receive code to put your slideshow on your blog or MySpace page.


Music Player


How do I find the music player?

The music player is located on your My Page on the network, in the left column.


How do I change the order of my songs?

Click the "Edit Playlist" button at the bottom of your player, which will take you to a page where you can rearrange your songs. Click "Save" and you'll be returned to your page where your songs will now appear in the new order!


How do I add music to the music player on My Page?

There are a few ways to add music to your My Page. First, you can add songs from your computer. Just click on the "Add Music" link at the bottom of your player, which will take you to a page where you can upload songs in the mp3 format. Music files for upload should not exceed 20 MB in size.

Second, if you hear a song you like, either on the main page or another member's personal page, just click the "Add to My Page" link, which shows at the top of the music player. That song will be automatically added to your page.

Finally, if you find a podcast or playlist you like somewhere on the Internet, you can copy the URL / location, click the "Edit" button at the top of your player, and paste the URL into the "Podcast" section.


How many songs can I have in my player?

You can have up to 100 tracks in the music player on your My Page.


What formats of music are supported?

If you want to upload music, it must be in the mp3 format.You can also link to any song that is located online. Your network will give you an error message if you try to upload any format other than mp3. Audio files in the mp3 format are indicated by a ".mp3" at the end of their title.

Can I have my player automatically start for other people viewing My Page?

Yes. Click "Edit" at the top of the player and check the "Autoplay" checkbox.


Can I add album artwork to my song?

Absolutely! After you've uploaded a song, you'll arrive at a page to "Edit Song Info." Click the button next to "artwork" and upload the album art from your computer.
You can also add album artwork later by clicking the "Edit Playlist" link at the bottom of the music player on your page and clicking "Edit" for the song you want to add artwork to. When you're done, don't forget to click the "Done" button below the song information box to save the artwork!


Can I show my music player on my profile page or personal blog on another site?

Usually, yes! If the other site allows embedding, you can click on the "View embed code" link at the bottom of player, copy the code that is shown, and paste it on the external site.
How can I play external songs and podcasts? You can link to external podcasts to play them on your page.


  • Go to the My Page tab on the network and click on the "Add Music" link in the music player, located in the left column of your page.
  • To the right of the song uploader, you'll see a box to "add music from any website by pasting in a link to the MP3."
  • Click the "Add Music" link, enter the URL of the song or podcast you want to feature in your playlist, and click the "Add Songs" button.Next, you can edit your song's information. Be sure to click the "Done" button!


How do I convert the iTunes m4a format into an mp3 file?

If you have a file in your iTunes library in the m4a format, you'll need to convert it to the mp3 format before you can upload it to your social network.


1. Open iTunes.
2. Go to the iTunes menu and select "Preferences."
3. Under the Advanced tab, click on the Importing tab.
4. Under "Import Using," select "MP3 Encoder" from the drop down menu. Click OK.
5. Next, find the song or songs you wan to convert to mp3 format.
6. Highlight them, open the Advanced menu, and click on "Convert Selection to MP3."


Songs you converted to mp3 format will now be indicated by a ".mp3" at the end of their title.




Where can I pull in videos from?

You can drop in the "embed" code from YouTube, Google, MySpace or any other Network on Ning to the "Add a Video" page. Click the Videos tab, then the "Add Your Own Video" link. Find the "Add from YouTube or Google" button on the left hand side. You'll land on this screen: Paste the video's HTML code into the field provided and your video is live! Right now, there isn't an easy way to get a continuous feed of videos or add videos in bulk from YouTube or other services. That's another feature in the works.


How do I upload a video?

You can upload a video by clicking on the Video tab and selecting "Add a video." You can add videos from your computer, cell phone, email account, or any service that provides video embed code like YouTube, Google or each other embedable video widget.


Why does my video say it's "converting"?

After you upload a video, your network will need to convert it to Flash so that your visitors can watch it without needing to install any additional software. This process usually takes between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the length of your video. It might take a bit longer if a large video is in the queue in front of you.
If your video still hasn't converted after a few hours, please contact ning, and we'll get to the bottom of it.


How do I delete a video?

You can delete a video by going to that video's detail page. In the toolbar to the right of the video, you'll see a link to "Delete Video." Click this link.


How do I give a video a title?

When you're uploading a video, you have the option of creating a title and description for it. You can't title someone else's video.


What formats of videos can I upload?

Ning supports .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .avi, .3gp and .wmv video formats.


How do I add a location to my video?

When you upload a video, you will be prompted to add a title and description. You can also add a location to the video by clicking on the map to the right or typing a specific address. If you've already uploaded a video and want to add a location or change the location, click the "Edit Video" link to the right of the video in the video detail page.


Can I subscribe to a specific member's videos using RSS?

Yes. When you're looking at the member's videos page, click on the RSS link at the bottom of the page, underneath the person's videos.


Can I subscribe using RSS to a network's videos?

Yes. In "Videos Home" under the Videos tab, click on the RSS link in the bottom left of the video box.


How do I share videos I like?

It's easy to share videos you like. Click the "Share" link below the photo. You can copy and paste a link to the video into an email or instant message, email the video using your computer's email client, or log in and have the network send the video for you.




Introduction to Events

The Events feature is a great way to let members know about upcoming conferences, concerts, or workshops. You can invite anyone to join your event, even people who haven't yet joined the network!

Each event can include a description section, a comment wall, and a list of RSVPs. As an event creator, you can choose the event's features and privacy and send a broadcast message to everyone who has been invited to the event based on their RSVP.


How do I RSVP to an event?

To RSVP to an event you've been invited to, head to the Events tab and click on the event you want to RSVP to. On the right side of the page, locate the "Your RSVP" box. Choose your RSVP option. To change your RSVP, simply click the "Change RSVP" link on the Event's page.


How do I create an event?

Creating an event on your network is a great way to let people know about important upcoming events. These events can range from real-life meetups to online chat sessions.


To create an event, go to the Events tab and click the link to "Add an Event." Next, fill in information about your event. Required fields include event name, event image, description, event type, start time, and location. You'll want to upload an image that's roughly square in size. In the "description" field, you can add text, hyperlinks, images, and even files.


If you'd like, you can add an end time, street, city or town, website or map, and phone number for your event.


By default, any event you add to a network will appear as organized by you and will link to your profile page. However you can change who the event is organized by if you'd like in the "Organized By" field.


Don't forget to choose the privacy settings for your event! Anyone can RSVP to a public event, while only invited people can RSVP to private events. However some information about private events will still be visible to all members of your network, including the title, start time, event type, and organizer. You can also choose to disable RSVP altogether or hide the guest list.


Click "Create Event" and your event will be added to the network!


How do I invite people to my event?

To spread the word about your event, invite people to RSVP! You can invite people by typing in email addresses, selecting from your list of friends across Ning, importing your web address book, or importing from an address book application. To invite people to an event, go to the group's page and click the "Invite More People" link. People will need to join the network in order to join the group.


How do I edit my event information?

You can always make changes to your event once it's been created. You can quickly edit the location or event type from the Event's page, or edit any of the other fields you filled out when creating your event.


If you make changes to your event, you may want to let people who have been invited to the event know. As an event creator, you can opt to send a message to people who are attending, people who might attend, people who haven't yet RSVPed, or people who are not attending.


To update your Event, go to the event's page and locate the "Admin Options" section. To change anything about your event, click the "Edit Event" link. You can change any information about the event, including the privacy level of the event, and even close it to new attendees.


You can send people an update - or a reminder about your event - by returning to the Event's page and clicking the "Send Message to Guests" link.


Can I make my event private?

As the event creator, you can make your event private or public. A private event means that only invited people can RSVP, but some information about the event will be visible to all members of your network on the list of events by date, by type, and by location, as well as on "My Events" for members who have RSVP'd to the event. Private events were implemented to give event creators a choice about who could RSVP, not as hidden or secret events. If you're thinking of making an event, keep in mind that those not invited to a private event will still be able to see it.


How do I send a message to the guests of my event?

You can easily send messages to guests of your event by following these steps:


On the event detail page, look for the "Admin Options" box. Click on "Send Message to Guests." Choose which guests you'd like to send your message to and write your message below. Click "Send" and you're all set!




How do I edit a blog draft? Can I edit a blog post after it has been published?

You can definitely edit your blog entry after you've posted it! Go to your My Page tab. Click the "My Blog" link at the top of the page and then click on "Manage Blog" on the right side of the page. Click "edit" next to the post you want to change. This will bring you to a screen where you can make tweaks to your post.

Drafts will be indicated by a pencil icon in the column next to the post title. Click on the post you would like to edit, and edit away!


Can I see what my blog post will look like before I publish it?

Yes! Click the "Preview" button at the bottom of the post box when you're done writing your post. If you're happy with the way your post looks, make sure to click the "Publish" button at the top of the page. If you want to work on it some more, or save it for later, click the "Back" button to return to the compose page.


Can I subscribe using RSS to a specific member's blog?

Yes! Locate the person's page on the network and find their blog in the middle column. Click the RSS button at the bottom left of their blog. Alternatively, if you go to another member's My Page and click "Blog," you will see an RSS feed link on the right side of the blog. Choose the application you want to subscribe with (the default is Live Bookmarks).


How can I comment on someone else's blog post?

By default, anyone who is logged into and a member of the network can comment on blog posts added to that network. Every person on a network has the power to control who can comment on his or her blog posts. If the author of the post wants people to comment on his work, a comment box will appear beneath the blog post. You can then comment by typing directly into the box.


How do I manage my blog?

Start at your My Page tab on the network. Click the "My Blog" link. Here you'll see the link to "Manage Blog". You can approve or reject comments, edit drafts or published posts, or delete blog posts.


Can I embed videos from YouTube or Google Video into a blog post?

Absolutely! Just copy the HTML embed code and paste it into your blog post. When you publish your post, anyone will be able to see the video.


Can I show only titles of my blog posts on My Page?

Yep! On your page, click the "Edit" button in the header bar of your blog. You can choose the display setting to show "Titles Only"— which will display the title, time of posting and number of comments — or "Detail View," which shows the same information, along with the beginning of the blog post.


I found a blog post I really like. What's the easiest way to share it with others?

Click the "Share" link that appears at the very end of the post. If you're not a member of the network, you can copy a link to the post into an email or instant message, or email the post using your computer's email client. If you are a member and signed in you can use the network to send the post for you.


Can I add tags to my blog post?

Absolutely! You can add tags to your new blog post when you're writing it. To add tags after you've published a blog post, click the link to "Edit post" and add tags in the "Tag" field.


OpenSocial Applications


How do I add an OpenSocial Application to my profile?

To add an Application, click on the "Add Applications" link that appears in the left column of your profile page, beneath your photo. This will take you to the Application Directory, where you can browse all Applications or view them by category. When you find an Application that you'd like to add, click on the "Add to My Page" button and then confirm by clicking "Add Application". The Application will now appear on your profile!


You can also add other OpenSocial Applications that do not appear in the Application Directory. To do this, click on the "Add By URL" link at the top of the Application Directory page. You can enter the address of any compatible OpenSocial Application and click the "Add Application" button. After confirming by clicking the "OK" button, the Application will be added to your profile.


How can I view an OpenSocial Application?

There are three ways you can view an Application. These are the "About View", the "Profile View", and the "Canvas View".


The About View of an Application tells you a little more about it. Here, you can view the Application's category, rating, and its developer. You can check out the Application's rating and reviews, and add some of your own. You can access the About View via the Application Directory. To get to the Application Directory, sign in to a network and click on the "Add Applications" link. While browsing the Application Directory, click on any application to view its "About" page.


How can I report an issue with my OpenSocial Application?

To report an issue with an OpenSocial Application on your profile page or just provide some feedback, check out OpenSocial Application Support in the Developer Network forum. Here, Application developers will be able to receive your messages about specific Applications directly, and respond to them or act on them accordingly. If you are reporting an issue, be sure to include precise details and any relevant screenshots.


You can also view an Application right on your profile page, or the profile page of a friend. From here, you’ll get a snapshot view of the Application. Depending on the Application, you'll be able to access some or even all of an Application’s functionality from the profile view.


Click “View Application” at the bottom of the Application module to see the Canvas View. From here, you'll get the full experience of the Application.


What are Alerts and who can send them to me?

Alerts are messages sent to you by Applications you or your friends have added. Just like with messages, you can only receive alerts from your friends.

You can view your alerts by signing in to a network, and clicking on the "Alerts" link in the upper right corner. You'll be taken to the "Alerts" tab in your Message Center, which will display your Alerts once you receive them.


How can I stop receiving emails about Alerts?


If you want to stop receiving emails about Application Alerts, opting out of them is easy.


1. Sign in to the network that you're receiving the Alerts from. Click on the "My Settings" link in the upper right corner of the page.

2. Click on "Email" in the left column.

3. Uncheck the box next to "Alerts sent via Applications". You will no longer receive email notifications when an Application sends you an Alert.




How do I create a group?

To create a group on a network, you must be signed in as a member of that network.


  • Go to the network's Groups tab.
  • Click the link on the right side of the page to "Create a group" on that network.
  • You must choose a group name, image and Web address. You may also want to write a short description of that group for the group's page — information other network members will see when browsing groups.
  • Make sure to select the correct privacy option for your group, because once a group is created you can't change the privacy setting.
  • Choose the features you want your group to have (Comments, Discussion Forum, Text Box, RSS Reader)
  • Decide if members should be able to send messages to the entire group.
  • Finally, click "Create Group". Now you are the administrator of this group and start inviting network members to your group!


How do I join a group?

To join a group on a network, you need to be a member of that network. To browse the network's groups, go to the Groups tab. If the group is public, there will be a link in the top right of the page where you can join the group.


Can I create a group if I'm not the network creator?

Yes. To create a group on a network, you just have to be a member of that network.


Who can I invite to be in my group?

You can invite anyone by email address to be in your group. They'll have to join the network the group is in, if they haven't already done so!


How do I delete a group?

You can only delete a group if you are the group's creator, Network Creator, or Administrator. On that group's page:


  • Click the "Edit This Group's Info" link in the left column under the group logo and description.
  • Select the "Delete Group" button in the bottom right of the group info box.
  • You will be asked to confirm your decision. Click "Delete" and wait as your group and all of its content is deleted.


Can I post photos, videos, or music to a group?

Right now, groups don't have their own photo, video, or music sections. You can, however, attach or embed photos to a forum post or add them to the group's text box. You can also embed music players from another network and videos into the group's text box or in a discussion.


Can I send messages to my group's members?

Yes, any member of a group can broadcast a message to that group. Go to the group's page and click "Send message to group."


Can groups be private?

Absolutely. Groups can be public (any member of the network can see the group and post content) or private (only invited network members can see the group and post content). This option is chosen during the setup process, which can be started by clicking on the Groups tab and choosing the "Create a New Group" option.


What are the group privacy options? Can I change them?

Groups can either be open to anyone or open only to people invited to the group. Once a group is created, you cannot change its privacy setting.


Can people be invited to my group by others?

If you left your group open to anyone, any group member can invite others to join. If your group is private but you added group administrators, they can invite more people to join your group.


Can people join my group if I don't invite them?

It depends on your privacy setting. When you created your group, if you left your group open to anyone, the default privacy setting, people don't have to be invited to your group to join it. If you chose the invite-only option, people can only join your group if they are invited to join by you or your group's administrators.


How do I resend invitations to my group?

If you are the creator or admin of a group, you can resend invitations to your group. Go to your group and click on the "Manage Group Members" link. Click on the Invited tab. Check the boxes next to the people you'd like invite to your group again, then click the "Resend Invitation" button.


Can I ban someone from my group?

Yes. Go to your group's page and select "Manage Group Members" on the left column under the group's logo and description. Check the box next to the name of the person you wish to ban, and click the "Ban from Group" button.


What is the 'web address' of my group? Can I change my group's web address?

The web address of your group is the specific website where your group's page can be found. The default web address of any group is - but you can choose your group's web address when you create the group. However, once the group is created you can't edit the web address.


Do discussions within a Group Forum appear in the Network Forum?

Nope! Group discussions are contained entirely within that group, and don't appear alongside Network Forum discussions.




• Can I remove myself from Peace for the Soul?  

To remove yourself from our network, sign in, click the 'My Settings' link on the right side of the page. Click the link that says Leave Peace for the Soul. Your profile and all of the content you have added will be removed. 


END OF DOCUMENT. Have a nice day.



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