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‎~ Balancing the Feminine and Masculine ~





Feminine and masculine attributes are i...nherent in each one of us, regardless of gender. The balance of these energies depends on how we acknowledge and express our self in terms of their aspects. Our feminine and masculine energy is most often imbalanced due to the initial stage of our developmental process, where hierarchal family roles were solidly in place. When we choose to identify the purpose and significance of feminine and masculine energy, we can create balance within and exercise these superior characteristics without.


Our journey begins at conception. In the best case scenario the connection between our mother (the feminine) and our father (the masculine) is harmonious as our soul reincarnates. Oftentimes it is not. The expression of that moment is the first opportunity of balance between these two intricate forces as our incarnation commences.


We are enveloped by our mother's womb; it is the world of the soul, the internal, embodied by the feminine, the maternal, our mother. How she cares for herself and responds to the outside world (the masculine) affects us; we are part of her. Ideally, feminine energy is introspective and intuitive, expressed with nurturing warmth and kindness. Guided by the natural world, she maintains an infallible sense of wellbeing. Her essence is love and her power comes from her source, the Universe. This is ideal.
Once we are born, we are greeted by the outside world, the masculine; matter. Embraced by our father, we come into contact with the strength and stability of masculine force. He is a protective archetype that will guide us through exploring the material world. This too, is ideal.


But there are very few instances of a harmonious union between the feminine and masculine energy as demonstrated by the current condition of our planet. If we consider our self as a soul, not just a finite person only intended to live one life, then the possibility of reincarnation and karma allows for us to change our chaotic consecution.


Karma is the result of our actions. Related to cause and effect, our actions from a previous incarnation attribute to this lifetime, positively and negatively..."What we sow, we shall reap". The best part of this theory is we are in control of our destiny through the choices we make on a day to day basis. The worst part is that pain is part of this process as we continue to unknowingly make choices from the unhealed parts of our self. Even the greatest of prophets have had to face the most painful wounds within themselves in order to share the truth with others, setting forth a path to freedom. Enlightenment is through process, not alchemy.


When we accept this possibility, the deficits we experience in the feminine or masculine realm of our life become much more comprehensible and palatable. We are no longer a victim of circumstance, but instead, a pioneer of change. We may have had an abusive or absent mother and/or father instead of a loving one or over-nurturing parents who create equal affliction. Our external conditions created our internal portrayals, but they are not set in stone. We have the freedom to recast the characters of mother and father when we become conscious beings.


Our foundation does not define us. We are not imprisoned by our past, only by our own personal limited belief system. Every day we wake up, we have yet another opportunity to heal; to become our higher selves by lessening our suffering so we can experience the happiness we are worthy of. Mere knowledge of our dynamics cannot heal us alone; we must face our self from the core to change the way we feel. It is through this emotional thicket that we liberate our self from continued and repeated suffering.
Our first step in this process is to acknowledge our past as a part of who we are and the story of our life. In that, we begin to heal through self acceptance. Self acceptance will become our new foundation, a solid platform built on consciousness and not on the volatile sands of reaction. Our reactions are toxic to our self and those around us when they come from an arsenal of suffering. As consciousness becomes our practice, we will have the fortitude to endure the most demanding and challenging circumstances that life has to offer, and respond accordingly.


Inner child work aids in our healing if we were abused, neglected, or abandoned by our mother and/or father. Perceptually rebuilding our feminine and masculine ideals requires us to consistently work at a soul level, as there is no "work-free transformation".
Shifting our self from victim to volunteer allows us to regain control of our life. Realizing we create situations in order to heal, again frees us to let go and move ahead.


Resentments built upon our feelings of injustices as a child can taint our reality. Through addressing our anger, we truly engage in the transformation of our being. Facing the dark and driving force of anger allows us to create the qualities we idealize in a mother and father. Everyone around us will remind us of our past and inspire us to be at higher levels through adversity as well as support. Subconsciously we invite others in to bring us closer to our true nature. Encompassing the feminine/mother qualities of introspection and connection to the Universe can be practiced through creativity, meditation, and focused self care (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). Cultivating our masculine qualities is essentially the outward expression of our internal manifestations. It is this balance we strive to achieve.


Harmony and balance will reside within us as our dedication to consciousness takes precedence over everyday distractions. Connecting with others who exemplify our ideals will positively reinforce our practice. If we have experienced a harmonious union between our parents, or a single stable force within our family, it is our responsibility to share this standard with others. Leading by example insures confidence and stability over loose talk. Authentically connecting supports healing and balance of the consummate Masculine/Feminine essence. It is what we profoundly desire, from the deepest depths of our soul.


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