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"When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them."


I was pondering life and it's design for me this day, and as I thought, Chief Joseph poped into my head and this that was shared today was something Grandfather taught me many years ago...

and as with many others, I am guilty of not keeping this in the front of my mind, but I have let it fall way to the back and I have allowed many things of this time and place and day to take it's place, and today, is one of those times when Creator has a need to use me as a tool, I have to be re-sharpened for as important things to remember has fallen to the side, so too has the edge of my spear, it has become dull, from lack of use and my taking care of it as I should, so now that it is time for use, Creator brings all these things to mind at once...

and when you get as much as I have had shown me this day, it is almost more than I can take in at one time and remember and do as I should, and this is of no fault of anyone other than self (MySelf), and this is sad...

I feel the shame, I know the hurt and the disbelief felt, for at times in my life, when depending on another to do something important, and they fail to do as they should, it makes you feel as though they don't care about you and the need at that time...well just look at what I have not done, and how this must look to Creator this day, if not for the blood of my savior Jesus, I would be corrected in a very stern way, but the blood has allowed this to be a learning curve, and yes Creator has His plan, but with the blood, I have time to rite the wrong and do as I should, and do as I should is at this moment, and making changes in my ways are happening as we speak and forgiveness is what I ask and He shall give and then my path will be back as it should...His tool, His servant is on the path of His design once more as I should be and I feel the pride of my Creator flowing into me and his love wrapping around me as the arms of my mother holding me close and allowing me to know the love felt for my journey continues this day, I have re-learned much and have been blessed even more, and with all of this, I feel the tears of thankfulness and love flowing down my face as I take another step and then another as the journey moves forward and all I know this day and this time is I am one very blessed man child servant of my Creator that loves me so, so those that spend the time to share in these humble words may you learn before you make this mistake, may you never see and feel the hurt we can cause our wonderful Creator, may these simple words prevent hurt, sadness, shame for everyone that comes here to find out the simple meaning of these words this day...blessings to All...Creator loves us all, and so too do I love all my brothers and sisters of this life and it's journey...EagleBear 



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Dear EagleBear,


Your grandfather was a great wise man ; thank you for sharing all his depth with us.

My grandparents  gave me an acute view of what Love is and that's what I try to offer to everyone and te world around me.

Love and Peace for you and all Beings.

Answering is a way to tell everyone is important in our lives and in the all univers.

You are precious in my life too.

Love and Peace for both of you and all Beings


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