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When we expand the equations of physics of super-symmetry to include oneness of the universal consciousness through collective mental focus for paradigm shift as expressed by the internet, we enrich the GRID of life. Thus we must re-calibrate & reassess our emotional STANDPOINTS on how the GRID distorts our view of unification. When me make the correction as one mind of 7 billion BEINGS together, a sharper image of unification naturally comes into focus.

The query that pops up is HOW to go about IT! Any suggestions!

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The title of your discussion caught my attention.  After reading your intro, I can understand, though, why no one has respoded. I have used the word entropy in my writings on-site over the last many years typify the true state of H. sapiens today. Only some scientists would get the connection ...but these fellas have no presence here. I do. and so I write here. 

Entropy in the context meant here the final stage of our species as we approach death. 

We are a failed species ...having come to this awesome purification time with little to no consciousness. But there are Children all over the earth, beautiful sensitive loving children ...and it is to them really that I address this indeed I do in my life. and for which I am deeply humbled...

If anyone really thinks we are the surviving species of the plethora of other Hominid species that evolved hundreds of thousands [even millions] of years ago then they should go get a couple of toothpicks to hold their eyes open. The dread truth is we are the ones responsible for the demise of these gorgeous expressions of Creation ...just like the multiple species of flowers that florabund the earth...!  

So, yes, with all the hands at midnight the garden of good and evil ...we as a species are not going to survive this phenomenal event. But the Rainbow Warriors have a quiver of Love Arrows up their sleeve ...and they will protect the evolutional creatures that will make it through ,,,even as the Fifth World is established ...and the detritus of a corrupted world is washed away. 


Yes..I agree with YOU. Most of the 7 billion is not capable of handling the Planetary shift to 5D since it requires SPONTANEITY as the core VALUE!

I did want very much to respond to your 'signal' ....but have been extraordinarily caught up in a few places where the paradigm has become excessive (for us, anyway) - fortunately it's not serious or critical, just adding to my agenda. Then, too, traveling and family reuniting in Fiji has also taken me away from the vortex of special energy where I really live now...!

I was able to share both blessing and burden at the Emergence/convergence at Maia Earth Village in Philippines in May ...and there brought up the grief that arose with my recognition of our reality in the final accounting of our presence on Earth....

Yes, my dear one, the only way out through an evolutional leap into the 5th Dimension/World ...and none more enabled and cleansed to achieve that transcendence than the Children of the Earth...! So it is that our place is dedicated... I am so anxious to be back - that will be end of next week. But I did want to recognize your vision - the connection is also both phenomenal and miraculous.

Life, rather than the effects of life, is known within us as a feeling. Focus and feel it. The answer is all in the feeling. Yes there is a lot of bad in this world but human beings still survive here and they are the source of good. To be a human being is our ultimate goal. The fact that there are all these human bodies on the planet means that each one is afforded the opportunity to manifest true humanity. Those that do not make the grade miss the chance that the human body provides.

Entropy, my dear brother, is the final stage of life prior to death.  We, tragically, the sole 'survivors' and most recent of all creatures evolved in the eons prior ...consider ourselves the 'fittest' ...what arrogance! 

"To be a human being ...our ultimate goal"...? My god we've had a couple of million years to do so ...and we have even failed on that rather personal issue. The collective - far greater than simply the 'human' family ...the entire living Community, flora, fauna, Gaia and even the entire cosmic manifestation of Creation - grieves for the overall impact of H. sapiens on the lives shared with it in this glorious Creation. 

This 'life' we call our mortal experience ...appears to give us free will ...but the Laws of Nature are never suspended. Karma is absolute and inevgitable.

The Truth will indeed set you free...! 

Co~evolution ..Through Singular Manifestations of Unique Propensities to full Potential!


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