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Ning only cashes, now ! No more support for Ning 2.0 ?

Our network problems are no longer resolved although I keep providing information with

screenshots. Upload photos, surf through pages, display modules, text editor, all of this no

longer works, is not displayed properly.

My guess is they are trying to force us to switch to Ning 3.0 ?

But it's not in my interest! And I think if you've seen it you'd better stay on Ning 2:0

3.0 is under construction and many features that are offered in 2.0 are missing.

Just photos, and their albums are not offered in 3.0. Apart from that, the group structure in

2.0 is more advantageous and clearer. In short, the structure of 2.0 is much more

professional, for me, better structured.

As a reminder, Ning was once free.

Our expensive music player broke down for over a year !

Ning does nothing !

Or just a passing nightmare?

What should (I) we do?

Shut down the network?

After so many years of work and joy!

What do you think?

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∼ It surely would be a pity to shut down this network! ♡ ∼

On Firefox, Safari and Opera I can't see Photos anymore...Am I the only one to have such a problem? —

On Opera even if I unblock blocked contents I still have no Emojis on the Peace for the Soul website. —

No, you are not alone, it affects us all! The text editor also rarely works ...

Meanwhile, I saw that Ning 3.0 is also affected!

Could it be that only Swiss people are affected by the Ning problem? Because we are the only ones who complain!

∼ So, may be that Ning finally will do something?! ∼ 


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