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Israeli Mother Addresses European Parliament By Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Check this message for peace and justice by an Israeli woman at the European Parliament

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Dear Mona,
Thanks very much for sharing this with all of us.
I tip my hat for the courageous Israeli mother for her speech, deep down from her heart.

Thank you Nurit, my sister,for being the sane voice to be heard from that honorable stage of the European Parliament.
"Great France of "la liberte égalite et la fraternite" is scared of
little girls with head scarves. Great Jewish Israel is afraid of the
Muslim womb which its ministers call a demographic threat."

The irony is that while western imperialists have the boot on the Muslim lands, oppressing and killing them, the Muslims have immigrated to the west's "free" countries, taking their (the west's) women spreading not only the Palestine cause but also Islam while breeding more Muslims around the world (doing their fair share of diluting the white race and stealing from the Christians) . Amusing twist, isn't it? The only colonized minds Rothschild's had left were the Americans. Even with the big guns I don't see how imperialism can win. I do see how it can self destruct and take most of us with it.
Anyway, loved that Israeli mother. I like when privileged people of the colony "get it."
of course, bring back the original Arabs and there goes the European colony. *poof* It would be a peaceful end!

Christine Quelch said:
This Israeli lady is a true hero. I admire her courage and tenacity. To live in Israel, and talk as she does, requires a courage and fortitude that very few are aware of. She is more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than most of the real recipients.

However, there is one point she made that I do not agree with – the Muslim womb. It is true that Israelis fear they will be outnumbered by Arabs, and it is true Arabs have much larger families, but PALESTINIANS HAVE ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED JEWS, in every year, and at every historical point, provided you add in the refugees, who want to be back in their original villages. If you doubt me, check the population figures.

This is the very reason why Israel is so desperate to prevent Palestinian refugees from returning. The return of the refugees, combined with one democratic election would see the end to Israel as a predominantly Jewish country - Arabs would have control of the electoral process.

I mention these things because I know there will be no peace until these issues are resolved in a just and equitable manner. Meanwhile, everyone suffers - but mostly it is Palestinians, and their children, that are subjected to the suffering.

Please tell us what you think...
All the appreciation and respect for that woman, who remembered the Palestinian women while the politicians forgot (or forced themselves to forget them), I can tell that there is no justice and equality in this world, It's ok to invite an Israeli woman who lost her child, but do not forget hundreds of thousands of Palestinian women who lost their children too, who lost their parents, who lost their entire families, who lost their homes, their farms, who were expelled from their homeland many times.
It's ok that the Italian authorities to invite the father of the only Israeli prisoner, but do not forget more than eight thousand Palestinian prisoner including women, children and pregnant women. What that crime that that infant have done who was born in the Israeli jails and spent his life there, what is his crime that make him do not know that there is another life in the world other than the jail life?
No justice at all.
Thanks for that Israeli woman and for the persons who are trying to compensate for the lack of justice and equality from which the politicians are suffer.

Thanks MonaA for posting
Thanks Eva for inviting me.


What a great and deeply awesome message! It could have been expressed today. - 


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