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I got a message today, from the Ning Creators new site. The Ning creator who wrote, told that Ning wants to dissolve the free networks. There is nothing official which arrived in our email boxes. I looked for the thread in the Ning Creators community and I found it. It is written by a Ning employee, who shares the email that the new Ning CEO sent out to all the employees. Shortly, they will eliminate the free netowrks and the Ning Team will be "shrinked".

Here some of his words " So, we are going to change our strategy to devote 100% of our resources to building the winning product
to capture this big opportunity.  We will phase out our free service
Existing free networks will have the opportunity to either convert to
paying for premium services, or transition off of Ning. "..."
As a consequence of this change, I
have also made the very tough decision to reduce the size of our team
from 167 people to 98 people. " ( Eva: "Great eh? What a progress in all senses!"!)

If you are a Ning Creator, you can see the thread here:

Although my words, I feel speechless...


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Dear Eva,
this is very sad news and it is for all the sites I'm on. I'd like to be of some help, but I have no idea how these things work, sorry! But I want you to know that I'll stick by you.
Ning announced yesterday that they had to lay off 70 employees: TechCrunch is reporting that Marc Andreessen's social networking hosting startup Ning is cutting its staff by 70 people, or 40 percent.

And today: Sad that Ning went paid service, WiserEarth will remain free to use and free of ads that Ning has ended it’s free service. For many grassroots efforts that means they are looking for a new home. WiserEarth offers free groups to people working on social justice and environment issues. We already have close to 2,000 groups with more people joining the WiserEarth community everyday. WiserEarth Groups provide the followi...
from WiserEarth Blog

Ning offered a lot in terms of customizing your site. Google groups does not offer that but is and will be free for a long time - think about switching to that. Keep us informed Have wonderful weekend.
das ist sehr traurig Eve
We still have two weeks to Ning tells us his ideas, how can it go further. Let us wait with a positive attitude what Ning offers us!
i think we have not recd. mail from ning till than no need to worry.if they ask than we shuld pay them.
Is there still any hope? The other sites are announcing they will be closing!
Let us not lose hope. Our site is a part of us all, and I am full of confidence!

Love and Hope,
Hi Eva, excuse me Eva latly I did not show a lot anywhere but I always have a look. I dont like what I saw that you send us about the Ning site. I is always the same. But Eva After a lot of time that I have biend punch on the noze, I found that most of the time we better do things ourshelf. Eva Should we take about it. I would be please to work on a thing like that an I am sure theres a lot of our friends who would be willing to do it. Best regards Eva I am gone a follow this one, give us news. Buy the way i am gone a show you somthing sone, I am painting and sculpting right now 2 big canvas and a study in clay of Daulphin. Big hug Eva I love you.
That's ok! There are plenty blog owners with communities. Screw ning. Just make sure to keep your contacts so we can all follow!
Let's wait.. Maybe the premium service will bring benefits we can all share. If there are enough of us willing to contribute to the cost or to subscribe to the group we can continue, perhaps with enhanced opportunities.
Here we would say "keep your chin up"
Namaste Jane
my vote would be for Facebook. it has all that what ning has and more.
Eva, just open a group there and we will move over
We have a group on Facebook, and also here. It is not the same service. I prefer Ning. On 4 May we get all the details of Ning. Until then we wait. Peace for the Soul is very dear to my heart and we will not give up. I do not give up!


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