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There are many meditation techniques, but despite their diversity, all can be grouped in two group: Ego type of meditation and non-Ego type of meditation.

The Ego type of meditation involves investing the power of will, thought control, breath and posture control... during meditation, which is accompanied or guided by the maximum activity of the Ego of meditator. All mentioned raise vibration of meditator consciousness up to 35 Herz, even and higher, that supress possibility to make connection with spiritual consciousness that in vibratory sense, reside at Spiritual plan.

Non-Ego type of meditation is a recepivity type of meditation, and is based on renewing the connection with one's own Soul and making requests for healing and development. Then the Soul responds with a healing-developmental effect on meditator's energy system (chakras, energy flows, aura, etc.). The visual type would see the healing action of his Soul in the form of energy of different colors in the area of ​​the aura (whose radius is 12 meters), the kinesthetic-tactile type would feel "ants" in some parts of body or energy vortex in the area of the Crown chakra, audio type would hear the sound of energy vibrations ... and similarly.

To begin the practice of some kind of non-Ego meditation, it is necessary to go through a preparatory process, which includes healing from physical and psycho-emotional diseases, healing the energy system, then strengthening the energy part of the nervous system, geting information on training in self-healing hands and chakras ... and many other things, which is achieved by sending healing-developmental requests to highly developed spiritual consciousnesses by instructors of non-Ego meditation.

In West, meditation "Do Nothing" represents basic - but very basic, type of non-Ego meditation.

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