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“Our neighbors! Stop the madness!”


By A. Rayan -   Ramallah



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thank you so much , we are in the same way of thinking .

Christine Quelch said:

peace is coming, sooner rather than later.

Not because anyone wants peace, but because the Zionist Project has failed. The State of Israel was always dependent on a numerical majority of Jews, and this has proved impossible to achieve.

It is not going to be either weapons or politics that puts an end to the fighting. Rather, the inability to acquire a Jewish majority. Even the CIA realizes the Zionist Project is over. Their 'leaked' report on the future of Israel confirms everything we suspected. Now we are in a kind of ‘holding pattern’ while everyone digests the facts of the report, and plans for the future. America will look around for a new buddy that is willing to perform the way Israel did.

Rayan, I can understand your neighbours being bitter and disillusioned. This is similar to the interpretation my one remaining relative (from those times) gives.

I have always been hopeful of a good outcome for Palestine, but I now know my hope was not rational, more spiritual and idealistic. It is the mistreatment of the huge refugee population, coupled with the outrageous land thieving and expulsions that has finally led to this situation. If Israelis had been less greedy, and been prepared to settle for a smaller State, they would now be safe and secure. Instead, they took a giant gamble, and it did not pay off.

Peace will come. It is inevitable. I cannot imagine this stalemate continuing for more than another 3 years, which is very hard for those who now have to camp out all year round. I hope Palestinians do not have to wait this long.

It may be a case of - one day the occupation is there - the next, it is completely gone, checkpoints and all.

(I have written this response without noticing the attachment, until this moment. I had better have a look at it!)

I have still not seen the attachment! It is sad and I'm very sorry. I read it now, and I would be very pleased if you make it to your blog. In the original, in all three languages. I also hope that this war would soon come to an end, and you and all Palestinians can quickly living in peace and happiness. It would be very happy if you realize this blog. Although we are not a Palestina site, so we are all peace workers.


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