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This message I received today from a member :


Hello dear eva,


I'm sorry to be suspicious of this new member but I find this strange that Ravindra is asking for my full private add, of course I  havent given it but not sure what to do next or even if he is genuine.


Message from Professor Dr. Ravindra Kumar, India


From Dr. Ravindra Kumar to Summer Breeze
Sent 1 day ago

Thank you very much my dear Summer, I am really grateful and will send you too a nice gift by post; for, I need your complete postal address if could provide conveniently!!!
Please take care!
Best wishes, love and peace,


I wrote to him that this is not serious, and spam.

He wants to sell his book.

You have all to ignore that, or better write to him what you think about it.

You must decide all for yourselves how you want to handle your private data.


He writes about Gandhi.


He can publish his book here on a blog or a discussion, and sell through a PayPal account.


I would like to ask you all give any personal information to strangers!

There are many ways to sell a book without addresses and e-mails to collect.


And by the way, we are not a Commercial Site!


In good hope for the good of all,



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I, too received a communication from Dr. Kumar, however, he wants to connect with me on face book.

I will keep you up to date.

Best in peace


It is always good to be cautious of those that request personal information. I find many who want to be friends have a commercial motive...which is not all bad...I have met musicians, artists, poets and authors this way...but choice is all important and some caution. As a matter of course I do not give my personal address or email out to anyone until I am sure of their motivation for wanting such details...after all I have eight cats, two dogs and Liz to look after (she will love the order I put these

I rarely respond and wouldn't respond to this request. I agree with Eva.  

Were are here to love, provide a peaceful environment, and good wishes. We also have a responsibility to our namesake. Once a name-  First, Last name and attach an address to it,  spam takes over and who knows what else. 

Thanks for letting me know and appreciate your du-diligence keeping us safe here at peacformeandtheworld.



I totally agree with you.

Never give your personal info to strangers, no matter how innocent it may appear...



I am always refuse when requested for my personal email. Kindly I suggest this inbox in here good enough for contacts.
Re Dr. Kumar - he only asked my friendship on FB. I find it quite innocent.

I do agree.  He mentioned to me to further academia on the FB site....would that not be wonderful?  I'm currently studying for a Masters Degree in Criminal Psychology, the more academic brains one can learn from, the better!

We'll see how it goes.




Message from Dr. Ravindra Kumar 

Dear Eva,
Thanks! You can pass on the following information in to all the members in general:
Books by Dr. Ravindra Kumar:


Author: Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Price: US $ 10 (For a set of all the three)
Postage free

With regards,
Yours sincerely,

Ravindra Kumar


Dr. Ravindra Kumar (Awarded Padma Shri)
Former Vice Chancellor, Meerut University;
Hon. Patron, Stallion College of Engineering & Technology;
Secretary-General, World Peace Movement Trust;
Editor, Global Peace International Journal

23-B, Lane: 2, Mansarovar
Civil Lines, MEERUT-250001 (U.P.) India

Phones: 0091-121-2645551 & 4010831
Mobile: 0091-9319090160


Thanks for the info.


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