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May 12th kicks off that Eclipse Storm. We are already feeling the energies of this weekends Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is actually a Super Moon too. These energies may feel deep to some. Expect this Eclipse to bring a huge aftershock wave, if you live on the coast expect higher tides with this one. That means we will be feeling the effects of these energies for months.

The energies of this Eclipse are bringing a lot to the surface. If they are not for you, it’s time to go deeper within yourself. These energies are bringing things out on a past life level. This could just be the deeper feelings that have come through, or come through at different times. It could also be different karmic issues you have struggled with. Scorpio deals with what is hidden underneath. It’s drawing out the more complex blocks that you have been dealing with this life. Pay attention to what is coming up for you in your life now. This is what you’ll be working on moving past over the next few weeks.

This Mercury Retrograde is also making major moves in your life. It could literally feel like it’s burning your past path down. As your becoming multidimensional your making huge quantum leaps in these energies. You may be experiencing huge glitches, or may be losing people from your past, or just on your path. This Eclipse Season is preparing us in a huge way for the New.

Next week will bring us some major Galactic Energies. Look at this week as spring cleaning week. You may have a lot suddenly surfacing. This is showing you the work you have to do. We all have some major healing and clearing work to do. Expect wounds around the feminine to be surfacing. Next week brings us a burst of new energies.

From the 16th to the 24th a powerful Pleiadian Portal opens. As these energies merge with our Sun it creates a powerful energy. May 20th will also shift us into Gemini Season. The rest of the month of May is so important for what your manifesting. We are in such a powerful space for what we are bringing through.

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