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There is a secret that I keep close 

it is so fabulously wonderful 

it defies my efforts to disclose 

and I guess it always will I suppose.


The reason that I cannot tell is clear 

words are incapable of conveying 

the wordless realm in which I live, so dear 

the love of life, complete trust and no fear.


Beyond the limits of the land of thought 

demands we know the essence of our being

in reality of soul and conscience

the authentic humanity is seen

and found to be our passport from a dream

so we can bypass the gates of thinkings

of the knots and complexities it brings 

then get well acquainted with simply being.




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wonderful expression

here's to being well

and just being ~ * ~


The Secret Place     by D.Lee  

there is a place I go inside myself 

where nobody else can be 

and none of my friends can tell its there

nobody knows but me.

its hard to explain the way it feels 

or even where I go 

it isn't a place in time or space 

but once i'm there I know.


its tiny its shiny it can't be seen 

but its big as the sky at night.. 

I try to explain but it hurts my brain 

but once i'm there its right.


there is a place I know inside myself 

and its neither big nor small 

and whenever I go it feels as though  

I never left at all.  

D.Lee 1991.

this poem which I treasure chimes in with this discussion poem 'the secret'.. so I decided to put it up here as well..


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