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Our Souls are with the Whales and Dolphins (Global Prayer Fri 22nd April)



We throw again the urgent call of Peace for Whales, regarding the recent announcement of Japan, in the middle of their chaos, to initiate the whaling and dolphins hunting season in October 2011..we can´t understand what kind of experience need this people to live, to finally line up with the Universe and stop this massacre, such smart culture..still tied up to ignorance and lack of humility towards nature. Our hearts are with this honorable country, but our souls are with the whales and dolphins, so we won´t  tolerate any more slaughters..”  by Marco Garrido


“…People protect what they love…” Jacques Yves Cousteau (1910-1997)



 A Prayer to Nature



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Most recent video Cocos Island


thank you Eva. it is so lovely.

when seeing the underwater-world I think to myself how lucky it is that people cannot go there./////it is sad to think so, but it is true that people are doing much harm to the planet. I wish for a time when it will nit be like this.

for Earthday - this is my wish, and hope.

When I was younger, I had the chance to dive with d female dolphin an it is one the greatest moment in my life ! When we go respectfully under the  surface if the sea, we have a marvelous chance to be connected with sea life and it changes definitly our connection with ocenas and its life.


Love and Peace for all Biengs, especially ... in seas and oceans.

Thanks for sweet, profound and funny quotes.Thanks for sharing so simply and generouly, Bob.
I have a dog : a marvelous red cocker : he is a marvelous souce of Love in our everydays's life !
Love and Peace for you and all Beings


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