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With over 40,000 Kawaiisu dead and now an attempt to finish the job by a Public Corporation, a Local Government, a State Government, and the Federal Government. If you were the Tribal Leader charged with the protection and safety of the Kawaiisu People what would you do? and why should you care?
Since I am ... I am scared to death that we will soon be dead. Help would be nice.

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Hi David,
I just read what I could find about the Kawaiisu people of Kern county.
Could you expand on the situation? I would like to help, of course!
I also!
Hi Genie, I am not sure how to do a multiple reply to you and Eva, so I will send this to you and hope that Eva gets it. The Kawaiisu People are of very old (56,700years) peace loving matriarchal society. We have our own Creation story that is the core of our existence. That starts with Pogmatog (Creator) and Habitch-ci Mua-zi (Grandmother Moon) talking about how to form into existence something that is kind and loving. This is a very long story but the result of there talk was the Creation of the People of Mu (Kawaiisu). As you can see we don't call ourselves Kawaiisu that was something that Anthropologists have tagged us with. Kawaiisu means Human Eaters and we find it to be demeaning. We greet each other by saying Pogmatog Magot (Creator Knows) because she is such a loving and caring soul.
To see what I have in my life and what has been done to all my relatives would strike fear and sickness on the most hardened people. For an example My father and I were forced to have experimental surgery done on us when we were perfectly healthy. My father died and I now have one lung and one kidney. My father was sent to a Indian boarding school but ran away but then was forced into WWII as a code talker.
I am sorry I am carrying on, but there is so much I want to tell you but it would take volumes. If you want to know more about the Mu please just ask.
For what is happening to us now. It all started when the Spanish came into our lands in the year 1775. We told them where we lived and they honored that by issuing a Decenio for 20 million acres (map of our territory aka Spanish Land Grant). This meant that no one could make claims or war on this land, but we really did not understand ownership of land. This lasted until Mexico took over California from Spain in 1824, but not much changed except that Mexico allowed some settlements in our areas. The big changes came when the United States took over our territories from Mexico. We signed a Treaty with the U.S. on June 10, 1852. For the purpose of peace we ceded 18.5 million acres to the U.S. and retained 1.5 million acres. But like all U.S. Treaties they did not honor it. In 1853, an Executive Order was issued to the Dept. of War to relocate us to the Sebastian Military Reserve. This Reserve was a death camp where we were used as slaves for our labor until we died. This lasted until 1924, when the Tejon Ranch Corporation (who was our masters) decided that they wanted the land for themselves. This land had by this time been transferred into the Tejon Indian Reservation. But we had no power to say anything. To this day it is the Tejon Indian Reservation but we don't dare step foot on it because we will be shot.
In September of 2009 we found out that Tejon Ranch is going to build big exclusive housing tracts on our Reservation and we were not even notified. Then we found out that the County of Kern still had not approved it yet, so we had a chance to do something. So I prepared a statement and presented it to them in writing and verbally but that made them mad. A new hearing date was set so that they could respond and they did it by saying they are giving all our graves of our families to Tejon Ranch and that the project was approved, just like that. In This was crushing to us to think that Tejon Ranch killed us and put us in mass graves and now they own us again. So you know, in just one mass grave there are more that 20,000.
I think you understand.... I gathered myself... Then I started to figure out what to do. I had to learn how to file a Civil Rights Case on my own--will actually my wife was way better than I was at this task, but we got it done. We had only 30 days to file it and we got it filed in October of 2009 and had everyone served with the filing in time. It is a Genocide case meeting the International Treaty requirements that the United States signed. Then we got hit again when the responses from the other side came back. Their defense was that we are not attorneys and therefore the case should be thrown out. We have no money and how can we hire an attorney? So I sold everything I could and hired one and that is all I could do. Now I need help in order to pay for the next round. What that is I do not know but I do know we are definitely on the edge of extinction. I put you to the challenge to understand if this happened to you what could you do? I believe that you would do the same. These people see a peaceful person and consider that to be a sign of weakness and then they go for the kill. They are most surely trying to finish the job that they have started back in 1852, by killing every Mu they can find. By taking our land and our ancestors it will work.
So, please Genie, get the word out to all the peace loving people you can and tell them to send help to the Mu. My email is address is: P.O. Box 1547 Kernville, California 93238.

Pogmatog Magot,
Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon,
Chair David Laughing Horse Robinson


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