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what do we mean by the word peace?

maybe it means different things to different people.
like when the dog stops barking or the baby crying?. or when people stop dying.?

but true peace can't come in bits
it must overflow and fill us full forever.
it has to be personal
there is no bit of paper to sign between countries.
no treaties or bargains for peace.

just that we must want the best all the time.
surely the feeling of peace is what time is for.

we are definitely able to think thoughts
but peace is not a thought and cannot be thunk!!

but we can FEEL and we are feelers
and we Can feel peace.
thats how we have to get it.
and the more we get of it the more we get.

it is a feeling that melts thought like snow in the sun.
it is always the best feeling a human being can know for no thing is more.

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thanks for for your true words from the heart of things!!
thanks harry for your contribution .
"its not the world that needs peace; it is people. When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace.THE PEACE WE ARE LOOKING FOR IS WITHIN. It is in the heart, waiting to be felt. I can help you to get in touch with it" Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at the UN Conference Centre.
forgive the flippancy but i was reminded of the ditty; 'the rain it falls upon the just and upon the unjust fella,
but most of all upon the just because the unjust stole the justs umbrella'. more seriously you know every breath we take is freely given and everyone of us is showered with life and the potential to feel peace.
post traumatic stress is something i know nothing about. however i do know about the human heart and its wonderful capacity to feel peace and love. its a challenge for every potential human being but possible for me and you. we have a human heart and it can feel a love that is unbelievable but eminently feel-able. to positively effect things in ours lives it has to be the priority to feel first of all for ourselves the magic at the centre of our own life. Its the same for everyone individually and you can take the challenge for you but not anyone else.
i wish you all the best.
hi meadow i must say that there is a great power within us and if we use it then it spreads around us like a magic garden. If we do not use it then it recedes from us. Ethics and courts and laws and all the efforts of beliefs have not reduced the sufferings or the thirst of some to eliminate them. However we can know more the experience of peace with every moment and knowing that peace will change things externally. Knowing more and more the peace that can be felt within is a practical solution. It is not selfish that we drink when we are thirsty or eat or sleep. Or find the only way we know to bear the beams of love and compassion. i suggest to everyone not to put to much hope or expectation in mankinds corruptible creations like the UN or the Hague or whatever but rather place your trust with the longing that exists within your own heart to really know heaven while you are alive. in the presence of the worlds suffering it seems impossible but i've discovered that the practical solution rests with each of us individually to enter the doorway to be found within our own lives now.i wish you all the Best


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